I"ve to be doing one experimenns that taming animals i beg your pardon pets have the right to and have the right to not be domesticated to follow and also assault because that you. Batns do not it seems ~ to respond come any type of form that food ns use, and ocetoo many have hearts above lock once ns feed fish come them, however doens no tame them. Ins there a means come tame ocelots or bats?

Yens and also no, there is a way of taming a ocelot, you would certainly execute thins through feeding it raw fish. Friend should it is in extremely mindful as soon as feedinns the ocelot Since it scares incredibly easily. When ns ocelons become tamed it will adjust color, therefore girlfriend will certainly know when it"ns tamed.

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as because that taminns a bat i do not believe there ins a way in vanilla Minecraft. Tright here are methods come Record a bin ~ and place ins in your house for this reason ins looks tame, but the would certainly be because that looks.

ns do not think friend can tans bats, but girlfriend have to have the ability to tans ocelots with fish. Reference ns Minecraft Wiki for even more information.

i understand in Regular minehandmade you cane tame batns through offering them pumpkin pie, however i pplace minehandmade demo and because that some reason it does no work. Ns do not understand why.

as for ocelots, they can not be tamed but if friend feed 2 ocelots fish the are next next to each other lock will get a infant ocelot.

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