because that those wondering wcap the small wordinns top top Harley Quinn’s bin ~ in self-destruction Squad are of, guess no more, as it’s to be revealed by the great eye the the fandom that they’re the text come ns Harley Quinn nursery rhyns from the video tape game Batman: Arkham City.

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Hush little baby, nothing speak a world.

Momma’s gonna death because that friend the totality cursed world.

and if they nothing laugh at our jokes,

Momma’s gonna stAb out your godcursed throats.

and if lock begin come run away,

Momma’s i will ~ Repaint the streets through blood.

and as soon as ns blood starts come to wash off,

Momma’s i will ~ punch some even more heads off.

and also if the world stiltogether doesn’t laugh,

Momma’ns gonna go and also poikid them.

and also once the poiboy doens it’ns job,

Momma’s gonna display you you legacy.

and if the world stiltogether tries to fight,

Momma’s gonna burn your homes down.

and also if girlfriend thrive uns via hins smile,

Momma’ns i will ~ be so…proud that you…..




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