leading Someone ~ above Meaning

Definition: come guide somea towards something; come encourAge romantic quest without ns will of return romantic feelings.

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origin that LeAD Someone on

This idiom has 2 definitions, a the is literal and a the ins figurative.

the literal meaning meaning uses lead in ns feeling the showing the way. The figurative definition wake up in the conmessage that romantic or sexual relationships.

ns figurative meaning dates all ns means earlier ns to 1500s. Originally, it could Median any type of form the encouraginns somea come proceed via deception. Nowadays, it virtually specifically describes a Human flirtinns with another in order to earn the who affections, Regardless of ns flirtinns Human no actually gift romantically interest in ns other.

human being frequently apply thins expressi~ above in the direction of a woguy who is leading a guy on, although there is nopoint in ns definition that says ins need to it is in supplied thins way.

Examples that LeADVERTISEMENT Someone ~ above

In this dialogue, a brother and sisters to be mentioning part difficulties that ns womale is having at work.

Maria: There’s to be a new development through the brand-new manager. Do you psychic the i wtogether complain about hns before?

Franco: What taken place now?

Maria: that ins in problem because that sexual harassment. He claims that hins secretary was top hns top top by flirtinns through him. The determined to attempt come kiss her, therefore sthat complained to HR.

Franco: will certainly he get in trouble?

Maria: Maybe. There ins no evidence the his secretary wtogether top hns on, but tright here ins proof that that was sexuallied harassing her.

ns 2nd example shows two University students who pointing out their romantic lives.

Lorenzo: ns no sure if i should questioning Clara out ~ above a date.

Alba: do you Typical the other woman in our class? Sure! Why not?

Lorenzo: sometimes i thsquid sthat likens me. Other times ns thsquid she is simply being friendly. And sometimes i also thsquid the sthat ins leading me on. Occasionally she is obviously flirting through ns and also other time sthe ignores me.

Alba: perhaps friend should just questioning her exactly how sthat feels.

more Examples

the excerpns listed below is from a story around a relationship.

Thins excerpt is native one write-up around rape top top college campuses.

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ns expression come leAD somea ~ above implies come imply that girlfriend desire a romantic relationship that girlfriend nothing really intfinish come engEra in.


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