Sup" guys! Mc here through component 4 the "expertise Smogtop top Tiers!" this day i want to walk the end that bespeak and cend the PU tier Since as that November 3rd, 2015, PU officiallied came to be it"s own tier! i wtogether initially i will ~ carry out RU next but i wanted come cend PU in celebration event that it"s independence! for this reason let"ns gain started!

together always, first I"ll cite wcap PU stands for. Technicallied speaking, ins doesn"t yes, really stand for anything, it"s not specifically an abbreviation the two words. Ns name PU in reality comes from ns phrase, "Pee-You," i beg your pardon ins ns sound that disgust, like once girlfriend odor something the stinkns really bADVERTISEMENT and you to speak "PEE-YOU! the SMELLs favor S***!" It"s really one unfortunately name, however whatever, it"ns still yes, really funny come fight in PU.

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Stat-wise, one of ns Most Common things you"ll view to be physics walls, greatly Since there to be for this reason many physics walls in thins tier! There"ns Leafeon, Avalugg, Gourgeist, Bastiodon, Furfrou, Gigalith, Carbink, Golem, and also that"s just Some of them! There"s stiltogether even more than that! I"d recommfinish a solid one-of-a-kind attacker, choose Kadabra.

one more Typical point in this tier to be physical attackers. Pokemtop top like Dodrio, Kingler, Leafeon, Gigalith, Gabite, and Slaking can all hit yes, really hard, specifically Slakinns that can hit favor a van via Giga Impact! ns recommfinish a great physics Wall surface for this, someone like Gourgeist would certainly work-related great against these pokemon!

Aside from stats, Some of ns Most Common pokemon in this tier to be Leafeon, Dodrio, Rapidash, and also Rotom-Frost. Rotom-Frosns ins choose ns Rotom-wash of thins tier, it"s annoying and also everywhere!


-moves the execute fixed damage, choose Seismic Toss or Night Shade, are exceptionally powerful in this tier Because alons of pokemon here has reasonably short Hp, therefore it"s not a bAD principle come have actually twater tap move top top her team.

-attempt have actually at least one pokemtop top through safeguard on your team, if ns adversary has actually a Slaking and also you don"t have actually protect, climate Slaking can heavy steam role your team!

-have one eviolite pokemtop top ~ above her team, this tier has the Many potential eviolite holders the friend have the right to make usage of, for this reason attempt it, it can it is in fun!

-Stealth Rocks are never before a bAD idea, specifically Since there are no Magic Bounce pokem~ above in thins tier, for this reason there"ns not a lot that a attract back.

fun Facts:

-PU is ns newesns usage-based tier!

-prior to November 3rd, 2015, PU was considered NU. Ins was favor ubers whereas these pokemtop top to be based upon your strength quite 보다 usage. The difference ins this pokem~ above wright here Put in PU for gift weaker rather 보다 stronger.

-your only enabled a knock turn off user ~ above your teto be in PU!

-the abilitiens drought and also Drizzle are banned from thins tier. So Water Absorb Politoed and speed Fire Ninetailns are allowed, however Drizzle Politoed and drought Ninetailns to be banned.

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-NFE (not totally Evolved) ins taken into consideration PU. It"s like a BL5 but only contains NFEs.

-ns Pokemtop top via ns highest possible stats in this tier are: 190 Hp~ Wobbuffet, 165 Attack~ Rampardos, 184 Defense~ Avalugg, 130 Sp.Attack~ Glaceon, 200 Sp.Defense~ Regice, 160 Speed~ Ninjask

and also that"ns the PU tier explained! i hope friend all enjoyed, give thanks to friend for reading, and also i hope you every have a good day! :blush: :v: