"take a loss", i.e. To endure a losns in a competition.

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we took an l in ~ ns footsphere game. i take it a l on that race.

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Slanns state through ns very same meaning

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meanings include: a "margarita".
definitions include: a graffiti mural.
interpretations include: skanky ho.
meanings include: a swindle, scam.
definitions include: "moment".
meanings include: Brief for imperial Canadian placed Police.
meanings include: "babe".
interpretations include: "pervert."
interpretations include: a prescription for medicine.
definitions include: Usual abbreviation for "ounce."
definitions include: reduce form that "lick mine (part of anatomy)" such as lick mine nuts, lick mine ass, etc.
meanings include: "perfect".
definitions include: great; "awesome"; "cool".
meanings include: a promiscuouns female.
interpretations include: "vehicle".
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various other terms relatinns come "come lose, it is in defeated, fail":

interpretations include: to fail.
definitions include: a "expert wrestler" that loses matches so regarding develop up a featured wrestler'ns win/losns record and also group appeal.
definitions include: to be bitch-slapped.
definitions include: strange, stupid; "weird".
meanings include: a defeat.
definitions include: come fail or err as a result of pressure.
meanings include: in "professional wrestling," a wrestler that deliberately loses to improve ns imAge the the winner.
interpretations include: come be severely defeated.
meanings include: to fall and hins the ground.
meanings include: to engAge in a repetitive actions through too much dedicatitop top and in excess, while under the affect of methamphetamine.
interpretations include: check out own.
meanings include: to fail.
meanings include: to faitogether in one's responsibilities.
interpretations include: acronym of "best Beat Ever," which can describe "beating" together in a major physics attack, or a serious loss e.g. In a competitive sport.
meanings include: come fail
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various other terms relatinns to "an":

definitions include: an impressive.
definitions include: and.
meanings include: many money.
meanings include: attracted come younns males.
definitions include: no chance.
definitions include: come conspicuously notice.
interpretations include: come cost a lot.
meanings include: come defecate.
interpretations include: to usage The word "fuck" or among its variants in ~ one inSuitable time or place.
definitions include: come flatulate; "fart".
interpretations include: extremely full after spend food or drink.
meanings include: to have actually a grudge.
meanings include: to throw a fit.
definitions include: somea that is a tiny added bitchy that day. Bitchflakes choose cornflakes.
meanings include: to monitor.
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various other terms relatinns come "l":

meanings include: license.
interpretations include: life in prison
definitions include: when getting dissed by her friends and also friend have actually nothing to comeearlier in ~ them via for this reason you have to take ns loss.
definitions include: a hand gesture displayed through makinns the together form via ns right hand.

various other terms relatinns to "take":

interpretations include: "Chill, don'ns problem about it."
meanings include: a 2nd look.
definitions include: compromise.
meanings include: "Both civilization involved in a bADVERTISEMENT case are to be blamed."
meanings include: come beat severely, or defeat severely.
meanings include: acquisition bribes.
interpretations include: ns result the someone taking ns piss.
interpretations include: come plunder or extort.
meanings include: to need to walk take a shit.
definitions include: to mistreat.
meanings include: to obtain something to eat.
interpretations include: come take it a look.
meanings include: acquisition a opportunity on something.
meanings include: come defecate.

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meanings include: the demands come relax.
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