In the brand-new apologize Music app, i beg your pardon come with iOns 8.4, part albums to be grayed the end and also noted via an "E". Ns canno open up them.

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ns walk a Google search. In some posts, i reADVERTISEMENT the offers one "E" symbotogether because that explicins material. However, ns go no find any type of indevelopment specifically related to ns Music app.

I"ve searched for Setups both in the Music app and also in the Settings app under Music however can no uncover anything pertained to this question.

my questions are:

What doens ns "E" symbol mean?Ins there any method come open together albums?

the E symbol suggests "Explicit".

friend have the right to allow or dismaybe explicins content wislim Settings on her device. You"ll discover the "enable MUSIC & PODCASTs RATED" option under general -> restrictions -> Music & Podcasts.

girlfriend may have to Go into a pen code to access the constraints settings.

friend can dismaybe ns restrictions entirely by choosing the "Dismay be Restrictions" alternative at ns height the the restrictions window.

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ns hAD a comparable difficulty via E"ns getting here as soon as in iTunes, also despite ns might stiltogether listen, Due to the fact that no restrictions were set. Ns have concerns through censorshins and also didn"t desire those E"ns gift rammed up mine nose eincredibly time ns opened iTunes. So, ns uncovered the there"ns another setting under the restrictions tAbdominal in iTunes/Preferences..., because that showing a specific country"s constraints in the library. Uninspect that option and also girlfriend do not need to see them anymore.

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