edit: The United States and Canada ins break-up up right into 6 timezones founding native ns east, Newfoundland (-3.5 GMT), Atlantic (-4), eastern (-5), main (-6), hill (-7), Pacific (-8).

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Why don"t castle ever before list PST/PDT? ns recall once ns wtogether a lot younger and also in ~ that time, i never before interpreted wcap 9/8C intended until someone described it to me.

Why do not lock ever perform PST/PDT? ns recall as soon as ns was a lot younger and also in ~ the time, ns never before taken wcap 9/8C supposed till somea defined it to me.

Since ns display would certainly it is in presented at the exact same tins together eastern tins - if it"ns a element time show, it"s presented at 9afternoon in the east timeza and also 9afternoon in the pacific timeza (castle wouldn"ns display it at ns same "time" as that would certainly it is in 6pm PSns as soon as it"s 9pm EST). Usually only li have occasions (sports, concerts, political events) to be presented in ~ ns exact same "time" throughout ns US.

normally just live events (sports, concerts, political events) to be shown in ~ the same "time" throughout the US.

There to be 9 time zones in ns US:

from east come West, these zones Are:

eastern standard Time (EST; GMT−5; Za R), i beg your pardon comprisens roughly ns states top top the Atlantic shore pluns part various other areas amethod indigenous both the Gulf of Mexico and ns Mississippi River.

main typical Time (CST; GMT−6; Za S), which comprisens about the states ~ above the Mississippns flow plus nearly a complete state Further west.

mountain typical Time (MST; GMT−7; Zone T), i beg your pardon comprises about ns claims that incorporate the continent divide and also Rocky hills pluns a lot that the good Container and ns watermelted the the Coloraperform River.

Pacific standard Time (PST; GMT−8; Zone U), i m sorry comprisens roughly the states on the Pacific coast, pluns Nevada.

areasprovided in claims past the contiguous USA

Alaska traditional Time (AKST; GMT−9; Za V), i beg your pardon comprises Many of the state of Alaska.

Hawaii-Aleutian typical Time (or unofficially Hawaii typical Time) (HST; GMT−10; zone W), i m sorry contains Hawains and also Most that the size the the Aleutian archipelago chain (west the 169?30"W).

zones external the joined States:

Atlantic conventional Time> (AST, GMT−4, Zone Q), i m sorry comprises Puerto Rico and also ns UNITED STATE Virgin Islands.

Samoa traditional Time> (GMT−11, Za X), i m sorry comprises American Samoa.

Chamorro conventional Time> (GMT+10, Za K), which comprises Guto be and the northern Mariana Islands.

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link to commentShare on other sitens (AST, GMT−4, Zone Q), i beg your pardon comprises Puerto Rico and the UNITED STATE Virgin Islands. Samoa typical Time> (GMT−11, Zone X), which comprisens Amerideserve to Samoa. Chamorro typical Time> (GMT+10, Za K), i beg your pardon comprises Guto be and the north Mariana Islands. " data-webShareUrl="https://www.startupcuba.org/forum/topic/678240-really-basic-question-that-every-single-american-can-answer/?do=findComment&comment=589919334">more share options...