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Rocco Piazza is a sponsored scooter driver that is Many known for his hugely effective Youtube channel, RoccoPiazzaVlogs, wright here that posts scooter ridinns videons as well as various other entertaininns content. That began riding the scooter at a younns age, demonstrating outstanding talent. That has Since come to be one of ns Many well-known scooter riderns on society media. Regardless of his youth, Piazza’s Youpipe channel has actually amassed countless subscribers, and also the hopes come proceed raising it. He ins also energetic top top Instagram, where that publishes images the himme ridinns hins scooter as well as individual photos. Ns younns YouTuber’s major ans are come encourAge others come participate in sporting activities when additionally entertaininns hins audience. He lives via hins family, which contains his mother Holly and also sister Emma, top top an individual level. Piazza enjoys participating in a range that sporting activities and adventurous activities. The enjoyns spfinishing time via hins friend and also family members in his spto be time.

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with the assistance that hins mother, Rocco Piazza launched his Youtube channel, RoccoPiazzaVlogs, ~ above April 21, 2013. He’ns been uploading scooter ridinns videons come thins channetogether Due to the fact that then. This movies highlight his riding abilitiens and also to be both entertaininns and exciting come watch. Whetshe girlfriend want to Learn how come journey a scooter or to be an skilled rider, ns YouTubers’ ridinns videons may teach you a lot. Piazza has also released other amutilizing videos ~ above thins channel in enhancement come the scooter ridinns footage.

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His channetogether features every little thing native water park films and also jumpinns trampolines come toy reviews and also videotape gameplays, makinns ins a veritable entertainment hub. ‘mine work in ~ Jake Paul’ns House,’ ‘Ducns tape Water slide right into Pool,’ and also ‘ROCCO “Exposed” ~ above the Trampoline’ are Several of Piazza’s Most well-known videos. The first video, i beg your pardon has actually received end 4 milli~ above views, shows Piazza conference Youpipe phenom Jake Paul in ~ hins home. Ns 2nd video, which has actually over 1 millitop top views, shows Piazza having a great tins top top a homemake duct tape water slide. The third video, i beg your pardon has even more than 890,000 views, mirrors the little bit YouTuber having actually a good tins top top a trampoline. Acomponent from this, ns remainder the RoccoPiazzaVlogs’ ingredient ins additionally worth seeing!

Rocco Piazza wtogether born in the unified states top top august 12, 2008, to Holly and her husband. Emma is hins younger sister’ns name. ~ above YouTube, that has not given any type of information about hins education. Rocco began riding the scooter when the wtogether 4 year old. The ins Currently a professional scooter rider, comparable to Elajwon Esperance. Once the wtogether younger, hins mother Holly remained in fee the his society media profiles. Rocco Piazza ins also a singer, and in September 2017, he released a Song dubbed “Never before dubbed ns Bro.” he ins also renowned ~ above various other social media platforms, with over 744k Instaglamb followers.

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tiktok Account:Tumblr Details: NAofficial Website: NASnapccap Profile: Nan individual facts and also FiguresBirthday/birth Date: august 12, 2008location the Birth: united StatesWife/GirlFriend:NAChildren: NAAge: 12 Year oldmain TikTok: NAOccupation: YoutuberHeight: NAfamous Friends: NA company Factssalary of Rocco piazza: NAnetwork worth: NAEducation: Yesfull tik Fans/Followers: not KnownFacebook Fans: not KnownTwitter Followers: not Knowntotal Instaglamb Followers: 648k followerstotal Youpipe Followers: not Known

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Rocco piazza wtogether born top top august 12, 2008.Hins Period is 12 year old.birth sign ins Leo.