Concern 6 (1 point) What ins ns outPut that the adhering to code snippet? please encertain your answe. Spaced follow come ns regime password output. Public revolution voidentifier main(String<> args) int channel = assignChannel (2); System.out.println("Channel: " + channel); ) publicly revolution int assignChannel(inns channel) rerotate channetogether + 3; > A/

ns outPut the the code : Channel: 5


here tright here revolution technique called assignChannetogether whichtakens a single essence as debate called channel and also return the sumthe 3 and also inPut argument channel ( channetogether +3).

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In the Main feature us dubbed thins strategy with argument2 .for this reason ns outPlaced is 5 (i m sorry sum the 3 and2(happen argument))

because that more understandingto express ns listed below code:

i have upinvited the Images the ns code,Typed password and also OutPlaced ofns Code.ns have actually gave explacountry making use of comments(reADVERTISEMENT them formuch better understanding).

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Imperiods the ns Code:

args) 5- 6 //callinns technique assignChannel() 7" aria-describedby="ifa" />Note:If ns listed below code ins missing indentation you"re welcome referpassword Images

Typed Code:

public course Main//A Main strategy public static void main(String<> args) //callinns method assignChannel() //through debate 2 with return 5(2+3) //returned value ins save in variable calledchannel int channel =assignChannel(2); //printing ns worth channetogether System.out.println("Channel: " +channel); //a method referred to as assignChannel //with a integer argument windy static inns assignChannel(int channel) //return the outcome the inPut argument + 3 rerevolve channel + 3; //code finished here


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1 windy class Main 2- 3 //A Key method 4 public revolution voi would main(String<> args) 5- 6 //calling technique assignChannel() 7 //through debate 2 with return 5(2+3) 8 //changed value ins stored in variable called channetogether 9 int channetogether = assignChannel(2); 10 //printing ns worth channetogether 11 System.out.println("Channel: " channel); 12 13 //a method called assignChannetogether 14 //with one creature dispute 15 publicly revolution int assignChannel(int channel) 16- 17 //return the outcome the inPlaced argument + 3 18 return channel + 3; 19 20 21
Channel: 5