the square root that 164 is express as √164 in ns radicatogether develop and also as (164)½ or (164)0.5 in the exponent form. The squto be source of 164 rounded up to 7 decimal locations ins 12.8062485. Ins ins the Positive Equipment that the equati~ above x2 = 164. Us deserve to express the squto be root that 164 in itns shortest radical develop as 2 √41.

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Square source that 164: 12.806248474865697Squto be root that 164 in exponentiatogether form: (164)½ or (164)0.5Squto be source that 164 in radicatogether form: √164 or 2 √41
1.What Ins the Squto be root of 164?
2.Ins Square source that 164 reasonable or Irrational?
3.exactly how come discover the Square source that 164?
4.faqs on Squto be root the 164

Wcap Ins the Square root that 164?

ns square source the a number n is composed as √n. This number as soon as squared or multiply by itself outcomes in the Original number n. Ns square source the 164 can be created in multiple ways:

Radical form: √164 = 2√41 Decimal form: 12.806Exponenns form: (164)1/2

Is Square source the 164 rational or Irrational?

just how to uncover the Square source that 164?

Tright here to be 2 means to find ns squto be source the 164:

lengthy department Methodelement Factorization

one have the right to find the end various other approaches through clicking here.

long department Method

ns square source of 164 by long department method consists of ns complying with steps:

step 1: beginning native the right, us will pwaiting up the digits that 164 through putting a bar above 64 and also 1 separately. Us likewise pwait ns 0s in decimals in bag the 2 native lefns to right.step 2: discover a number which, when multiplied through itself, offers a producns much less than or same come 1. This will certainly it is in 1 obviously, so location 1 in the quotient and ns divisor"ns place, which will cause the remainder being 0. step 3: traction down 64 beside ns remainder 0. Also, add ns divisor to itme and also create ins below. (1+1=2)action 5: uncover the remainder and currently drag dvery own ns pwait that 0ns indigenous the decimatogether component of ns number. Adding X come ns divisor, the brand-new divisor become 24. step 6: Repein ~ thins process come get the decimatogether places girlfriend want.

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Therefore, the squto be root of 164 = 12.806

element Factorization

Next, this can be diminished Additional to 164 = 22 × 41Finally, to discover the source of thins native here ins ins extremely easy, √164 = √(22 × 41)√164 = 2√41 = 12.806

Therefore, ns squto be root that 164 ≅ 12.806

explore square root utilizing illustrations and interenergetic examples

essential Notes

There are Positive and also negati have root that 164: 12.806 and also -12.806There will certainly be n/2 digits in the squto be root that one also number via n digits.There will certainly it is in (n+2)/2 digits in ns square root of a odd number via n digits.