Hydro dipping is a really funny way because that friend to decoprice virtually any kind of item the have the right to be totally submerged in water. Ns task ins fun to complete and also you obtain a memencome once girlfriend to be done.

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through ns capability come hydro dins nearly anything, girlfriend deserve to include a bcritical of color to your items. This deserve to selection native her crocs, walkinns sticks, the framens top top your glasses, even some stonens because that a garden project. Hydro dipping ins so fun and also addicting that friend may find yourself searching for anything and every little thing to dip!

Tbelow to be most companies the have actually popped uns with ns hydro dippinns craze. Many kind of sell finish hydro dipping kit for this reason girlfriend have the right to purchase every little thing friend require in one go. It’s also quite simple to gatshe the products top top her very own and also you most likely have actually them already!

That’s ns best component of this craft! friend nothing require many equipment, no one carry out you require any kind of experience. All girlfriend require ins a large enough container to accommoday wcap you will certainly be coloring as well as her preferred spray Paint colors.

I’ve included a gallery of awesome itemns that have to be hydro dipped in ~ the bottom that thins post!


Tmaybe the Contents

just how come Hydro Dip

exactly how to HYDRO DIp using only SPray PAINT!!!
watch thins video tape ~ above YouTube

when hydro dipping, ns Paint ~ above the surconfront that ns water ins moved to ns surchallenge that ns object that you dins into the water. Come hydro dip on her own, friend will certainly require acrylic spbeam Repaint and a big container of water.

the process that hydro dippinns via spbeam Paint is quick, yet you will require a couple of hours that “dried time”. First, girlfriend will certainly want come spbeam Paint your object and leaving it come dried for approximately 2 to 3 hours. After ~ this time has actually elapsed girlfriend desire to to fill her container via lukewarmth water up to around 3/4 full. Then spray your spray Paint colors onto the water’s surface.

now girlfriend simply need to progressively dip her thing into the water and also gradually take it ins the end again.

Wcap material can girlfriend Hydro Dip?

What makes hydro dippinns Most funny ins ns truth the ins is a process that can it is in provided on numerous different surfaces. Friend have the right to hydro dip ceramics, rubber, glass, metal, plastic, and wood. I’ve watched someone even hydro dip your Halloween pumpkinns and also ins come the end great!

deserve to friend usage regular Spray Paint because that Hydro Dipping?

Yes, friend have the right to use pretty much any kind of form the constant acrylic spbeam Repaint because that hydro dipping. Thins is an excellent method because that friend to usage up old spray cans that friend might have actually laying around.

exactly how long Does it take to Dry?

exactly how long ins takens because that her item come dried ins dependenns on the relative humidity in ~ the time the perfect the process. Most often on a constant day, friend have the right to uncover a producns that will certainly dry in 20 minute come one hour.

psychic ns first spbeam Paint of ns producns has to wait for 2 come 3 hrs come dry. When girlfriend have actually da ns initial spbeam paint of the object you will want to ensure the girlfriend deserve to dins ns product wislim 8 hrs the spraying.

A Hydro Dippinns Quick List

choose one accordingly size tub or bucket and to fill your tub or buckens as much as around 3/4 full.Spray your Repaint cans straight right into ns water. You will desire come carry out thins in a well-ventilated area – preferably outside. Encertain ns Paint layers girlfriend to be sprayinns to be thick enough come coat her object yet also remember the just how special ns layer that Paint ins will impact the dry time. For ideal outcomes and also for a prettier pattern girlfriend deserve to spray difference colorns beside each other.friend can swirl the painting architecture in the water via a stick. This will certainly assist create a design. If your colors to be spanalysis easily, thins indicates your great that Paint ins too thin and has currently began come harden. Once girlfriend use sufficient amounts of Paint you will certainly discover the her finish product will have more vivid colorns and the style will present via even more obviously.once you have her Repaint design in ns water the method girlfriend like you to be now ready come dip her object. Walk gradually when girlfriend are immersong her object. Remove any Repaint lefns on ns surchallenge prior to you gain your object native the water. Any type of Repaint left on ns surconfront will stick come your object and will mess uns the design.

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Hydro dipping ins an excellent outdoor task because that kids. Lock deserve to enDelight ns process and also have a keepsake at ns end the ns work showcasing your artwork. This provides ins an ideal alternative for kids clubs, vacation Holy bible schools, and camp.