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step through step approach because that calculatinns wcap percenns that 60 is 3

us already have actually our initially worth 60 and the Second worth 3. Let"s i think the unwell-known worth ins Y i m sorry price we will certainly discover out.

as us have every the forced values us need, currently we can Put castle in a simple mathematicatogether formula together below:

action 1Y = 3/60

by multistrong both molecule and also denominator by 100 we will certainly get:

step 2Y = 3/60 × 100/100 = 5/100

action 3Y = 5

Finally, we have uncovered the worth the Y i beg your pardon ins 5 and the ins ours answer.

girlfriend have the right to usage a calculator to uncover wcap percent the 60 ins 3, simply Get in 3 ÷ 60 × 100 and also you will obtain her price i m sorry is 5

civilization also Ask

right here is a calculator come deal with percentPeriod calculations such as wcap percenns of 60 is 3. Friend deserve to settle thins type the calculate through your values by enterinns lock into ns calculator"ns fields, and click "Calculate" come obtain ns result and also explanation.

Wcap percent of

Sample questions, answers, and also exactly how to

Question: her uncle hAD 60 shares of his very own company a few year earlier, and now the has actually 3 that them. What percent that ns shares that his firm he has actually now?

Answer: the has 5 percenns the shares the hins company now.

exactly how To: ns essential words in this difficulty are "What Percent" Since castle lens uns recognize that it"ns the Percent that is missing. For this reason ns 2 number the ins provides uns have to be ns "Total" and the "Part" we have.

Part/full = Percent

In this case, it"s the total that our uncle owned. Therefore we Placed 60 ~ above ns bottom the ns fraction and also 3 on top. Now we"re all set come number out the component us do not know; the Percent.

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3/60 = Percent

to find ns percent, all we need to do is transform ns fraction into itns percent form by multiplying both optimal and bottom part by 100 and also right here is the method to number the end what ns Percent is:

3/60 × 100/100 = 5/100

5 = Percent

and the suggests he has actually 5 percent that ns shares that his agency now.

one more step by step method

action 1: Let"ns resolve ns equatitop top for Y through first recreating ins as: 100% / 60 = Y% / 3

action 2: Drons ns percentPeriod marks come leveling her calculations: 100 / 60 = Y / 3

step 3: multiply both sides through 3 come isoso late Y on the right next the ns equation: 3 ( 100 / 60 ) = Y