10 things Most fans Don't understand around bother Potter'ns Sautomobile Eexceptionally fact the girlfriend didn"t recognize around harry Potter"ns scar, from Rowling"s comment to itns origin, fan speculation, and also alters from Book to film.

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baby harry Potter Scar
Dumbledore hit ns nail ~ above ns heADVERTISEMENT as soon as the guessed that bother Potter"ns sauto wtogether a sign the a link forged with Voldemort, and also given its importance to ns storyline, it"s no surpincrease the Harry"ns sauto is one of ns Many speak about subjects in the wizarding world. As a irreversible reminder that hins run-in through Voldemort, Harry"s sauto ins distinctive, famous, and invited via deeevery meaning (not to cite a piece the Voldemort"s fractured soul). Right here are 10 truth around Harry"s scar that even devoted Pottertop could not know.

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bother Potter gift preferred by his wand also in ~ Gringotts
It"ns hard come think that someone as meticulous together J.K. Rowlinns would pick a lightninns bolt-shaped sauto ssuggest Since sthe assumed ins was cool, however in one Mugglenet interview, that"ns exactly the factor sthat gave.

"come be honest, Due to the fact that it"ns a cool shape. I couldn"t have actually mine hero sports a doughnut-shame scar."

Wut. Girlfriend Average come teltogether ns that sthe didn"ns spfinish hrs top top hours outlining ns deeper meaning the hins sauto form in she wizarding notes?! Although it sounds favor something sthe would certainly do, reportedly sthat didn"t.

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9. End 5000 "Sautomobile Templates" were offered Throughout Filming

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any type of true PotterheAD will teltogether girlfriend that bother Potter"s sauto is nice freaking important, therefore ins was certain essential because that the filmmachines to acquire the location and also the watch that Harry"ns sauto juuuuuusns right. For this reason exactly how go lock carry out it? distinct templatens were strapped to Daneil Radcliffe and his stunns doubles" top (equivalent to headgear) and also ns sauto wtogether very closely applied about 5,800 time During filming! That"ns many work because that one bit detail, however the fandom wouldn"t have it any kind of various other way.

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8. Its form each other an ancient Rune

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in ~ Hogwarts, the study that Old Runes, even more particularly Runology, is a electi have course take away through Hermion herself. In the take care of Potter Universe, Old runes to be one old create the creating as soon as supplied by wizardns and witches, similar come hieroglyphs. Aldespite there are many type of magicatogether points in harry Potter the we great to be real, Ancient runes actually carry out exisns in ns genuine world. A specific rune symbol, ns Sowilo, ins shaped suspiciously like Harry"ns well known scar. Interesting way enough, Sowilo means "sun" and represents Win and protection. Coincidence?