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THIs Is A girl only QUIZ! Unless girlfriend to be gay T_T. If friend take this quiz and also are a Sonic fan, friend might find the end i beg your pardon Sonic fan would go the end with you evaluate by her personality. Thins ins a stunner quiz and i was bored therefore have actually in ~ it!

i beg your pardon personality carry out you thoctopus ins the cutest? Whetshe Sonic fan or not? Ins Tails ns Many adorable fox you"ve ever before seen? Is Eggman"ns fin ~ teddy bear like ship sexy? Ins Sonic"ns suevery Fast speed just handsome? take it this quiz and find out i m sorry Sonic male is appropriate for you!

developed by: Tiffany

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Wcap is her age? Under 18 Years Old 18 come 24 Year Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 come 40 Year Old 41 come 50 Years Old 51 come 60 Years Old over 60 Year OldWcap is your gender? male Femalewould friend like to save or damage the world? save IT! conserve It and conserve IT! i would aid somebody conserve ins ns don"t care I"m neutratogether ruin ruin DESTROY! i would take a trip come the future and conserve disastrous robotsWcap ins her personality? Nice, kind, impatient somewhat Outgoing, helpful, generous Stubborn, snobby, crude Evil, malevolent, terrible Mystical, curious, determinedWhat perform friend carry out in her spare time? go come the bevery and ta or somepoint go out come ns mall with friends stay in ~ residence and also listen come mine IPod ruin damage DESTROY! wondering wcap ns future will certainly bringWhat perform girlfriend execute to spfinish tins with friends? hang the end via them or somepoint go shopping at ns mall or whatever before i not have friends ruin ns world with them >-) lol occupational top top building a time capsulewcap type that guys execute friend like? guys who rescue you from kidnappers boys who fix your automobile when ins breaks dvery own guys who keep to themselves greatly boys that rob banks and murder people boys who create futurific machines and also stuffwhat personality do you desire her boyfriend to have? never before mirrors turn off or criticizens Outgoing, helpful, generous stubborn and cold and keepns come himself angry interest in ns present "Futurama" lotogether jkwhat execute friend fear most? water and/or damage the the civilization thunderstormns NOthing at every liberty having a devastating futurewhat is your speed? FAST, FAST, FAST!!!!!!!no rather slow-moving however not really sluggish Quick yet not yes, really Rapid slow-moving GRANDMA!!!!! Sreduced 보다 a sluggish GRANDMA!!no LOLwcap to be friend interested in most? relaxation and flexibility mechanical work, planens guardinns a valuable object damage of ns human being travel to the futureLastly, i m sorry that this complying with boys execute you think is cutest? Sonic Tailns Knucklens Eggmale silver-

psychic to rate thins quiz ~ above the following page! Rating help us come recognize i m sorry quizzens are good and also i m sorry are bad.

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