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Name Size Uploaded Video Game Version Downloads
1.14.x release 30.03 MB Jul 12, 2019 1.14.3 9,917 Download
1.16 V1 beta 25.20 MB Jun 7, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 2,474 Download
1.8 beta 24.35 MB Jul 12, 2019 1.8.9 7,076 Download

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PrestonPlayz structure pack for 1.8.x , 1.9, 1.14, 1.15 and also 1.16.x <64x>  by ARplayz 

every VERSion obtainable on our official SITE


can ns usage this resource load in video tape or modpacks?Yes, of-food however by offering ns crmodify and also linking castle to thins VIDEOexactly how have the right to ns downloAD it for various other versions (ex: 1.8)?examine the end our official website for downloADVERTISEMENT web links for all versions.just how have the right to i support you?girlfriend have the right to assistance me top top YouTube


❖ Sources:

Prestonplayz 1.8 Faithful edit (practically Everything)Faithful (1.8 – 1.14.x textures) 

❖ 1.16.x V2 Changelog:

all set because that 1.16– GameSetting switcher– Nether advances textures– distance through stdriver added(08.06.2020)❖ 1.16 V1 Changelog:– A Beta experimentation variation for 1.16– not totally all set but usable(20.05.2020)

connected mods:

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Triton~ HD Cartoon-Comic Style~ 64x
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