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Bitch Wcap ns Fuck, or Bitch WTF, ins an exclamatory expression provided to expush confusion, shock and also regularly disapproval in the direction of something or someone. The phrase has motivated a number of memes, including a viral 2014 Vine that motivated countless video tape edits, and also many reaction images.


It"s unwell-known who first used ns expression "bitch wcap the fuck" online, through searcs because that ns expression going earlier come 2004 according to Google Trends<3> (together much earlier together information ins available), through a slight rise founding roughly 2010.


ns initially significant usage the the phrase digital was on December 24th, 2014, once Vine<1> user enjajaja posted a video clip in i beg your pardon she screams it in ~ a tv display screen reflecting men with their shirtns off to run approximately a house (displayed below, reupinvited to YouTube).<2> the Vine got over 3 million loops and 26,000 revinens before ns platform was closed.

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the video tape acquired considerable attention on Vine and through reuploads to Youpipe and various other social media sites, as well as via Vine compilations. Ns audio of enjajaja screaming motivated a number of edits,<4><5> wbelow ns audio clins ins spliced end miscellaneous video clipns come comedicallied expush shock and also manga in the direction of them (Instances presented below, left and also right, indigenous 2015 and also 2016 respectively).


"Bitch What ns Fuck" Glasses

In 2017, a picture the a Black woman wearing sunglassens mirroring a picture the she computer screen displaying a messEra reading, "BITCH What the FUCK" (shown below) started circulating together a reactivity imEra ~ above Twitter, used come show shock, manga and disapproval. Because that example, on April 26th, 2017, Twitter<6> user
Fernandojg3 offered the imAge in reactivity to a article reading, "i love my girlfrifinish also if shes a gemini