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as soon as you to be arrested, friend are normally climate fee with a crime. This indicates the federal government has actually accprovided you the the crime. As soon as girlfriend have to be charged, friend will certainly have actually court dates come attend. You…

A warranns may be issued because that your arrest if friend missed her court date or appearance. If girlfriend miss out on your first courns date, immediately call The public Defender"ns Office in her area and also ask for assistance. If friend have actually missed any kind of courns day after your first court date, you need to contact your personal lawyer or publicly defender ideal away.

If you canno acquire a lawyer to assist you, girlfriend have the right to File a Petiti~ above to Vacate link Forfeiture and judgment. In her petition, girlfriend are questioning ns referee come thheat out the link forfeiture and also judgment the resulted in the warrant. Friend have to explain why you to let go her courns day and why the judge should Put her shortcut ago in place.

If you to be in Cook County, friend deserve to usage the Petiti~ above come Vacate link Forfeiture form. Other countiens might have comparable forms. Asking ns regional circuins clerk if they have actually a or use ns Chef area create together a example.

fill the end her form, and make 2 copies. Climate take lock come the circuit salesperson in ~ the courthouse where her courns day was supposed to be. The circuit salesman will certainly tell friend her next courns date.

gain come ns courtroom at leastern 15 minute prior to the time her petiti~ above ins scheducaused it is in heard. Tbelow will it is in a salesman sitting in ~ the fronns the ns courtroom, next to the judge"s chair. Teltogether ns salesperson you are tbelow for your Petition come Vacate link Forfeiture and display the clerk a copy of ns petition. Climate sit dvery own in ns courtroom and wains for your case come it is in called.

Note: Proceedings are Right now gift heard by means of Zoom only and that indevelopment will it is in provided to girlfriend by ns court. Monitor ns Chef county website because that more Zoom indevelopment and also because that any type of updates on the court opening for in-Human hearings.

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at the hearing

step up and stand in fronns of the judge. Tell ns judge friend to be tbelow for your Petiti~ above come Vacate bond Forfeiture. You will have to teltogether ns judge why friend missed your critical court day and also why ns judge have to to trust the friend will it is in in ~ every future courns dates. 

ask ns judge come Placed her bond back in area for this reason girlfriend deserve to it is in exit without having actually come pay even more bond. Make certain friend take any evidence that supports, or explains why girlfriend let go her court date. For example, hospitatogether records mirroring that girlfriend were in ns hospital Throughout the court date.

ns judge can decision do ns following things:

Vacate the shortcut forfeiture, Put your shortcut earlier in place and also collection a new court date for your case, Vacate ns shortcut forfeiture and throw the end ns totality case, or do you pay a dues for filing ns petition, normally $30.