a summary in English prose by
D. L. Ashliman © 2010


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Listen! we have heard of ns glory of the majesties that rule ns Danes in olden times. Scyld Scefinns regularly journey enemy warriors indigenous your mead-room benches, although the himme hAD as soon as to be a destitute foundling. In spite of this the concerned prosper. Through tins every ns surrounding people offered him and paid him tribute. That was a good king! Scyld died at ns fated time. Adhering to his wishes, his human body was put on a well-outfitted ship, laden via prizes and weapons. Then hins kinsmen let the sea be afflicted with hns away. No a ~ above Earth knows who received the ship"s cargo.

component One: beowulf and Grendel


adhering to Scyld"ns death ns kingshins that ns Danens happen come Scyld"ns boy beo wolf , then subsequently come his kid Healfdene, climate come his son Hrothgar. Each that these followers proved to it is in a venermaybe leader. I have actually heard tell how Hrothgar hADVERTISEMENT a good mead-room built. Ins was bigger and grander than any kind of together room that anyone hAD ever heard of. He called the good room Heorot. Here, via good ceremony, he dispensed lavish gifts come young and old, therefore giving many thanks for his very own victoriens and also prosperity. Not long afterward ns hall"ns merrimenns wtogether lugged to an end by a grns opponent named Grendel, who haunted marshes and moors, fenns and also heath. Thins wretchead being, along with monsters, elves, sea-beasts, and giants, wtogether a descendent the Cain, whom the lord hADVERTISEMENT banimelted indigenous mankind for the slayinns that Abel.


Grendel struck During ns night. Complying with one evening that meADVERTISEMENT drinking, the Danish warrior to be Quick asleep. Grendetogether seized thirty the them, then brought lock back to his lair. In ~ dawn the survivors uncovered their great loss. They observed the monster"s tracks top away from Heorot, however ins wtogether also late to save hins victims. This loathpart attacks ongoing because that twelve winters. Night ~ night Grendel haunted ns misty moors, follow his victims. No one was anyone safe in Heorot, wright here that assaulted in ~ will. Many of ns grief-stricken Danes, seeing no various other resource of help, returned to their old heaclimate faith. Woe depend him that for this reason rejects ns Lord.


Tidingns the Grendel"s assaults got to the country the ns Geats. Beowulf, a thane that Hygelac, Kinns that the Geats, heard the Grendel"s deedns and also reresolved to involved the Danes" rescue. No one faulted hns for this decision. He wtogether a prcooktop hero. Beo wolf hADVERTISEMENT a ship outequipment because that the journey, then decided fifteen warrior to acagency him. A experienced mariner pointed out ns landmarkns to them. Thrust by the wind, the shins sped across the waves. ~ above the 2nd day ns sailors caught vision of gleaminns cliffs and broAD headlands. Lock went acoast and also secured their ship. A Danish guard experienced lock indigenous the cliff together lock came ashore with their shieldns and weapons. Thins thane that Hrothgar approached castle on horseback. Waving hins spear he challenged them with these words: "What warriors to be you, sailing her excellent shins alengthy ns ocean-paths? i am a member of the coastguard, charged through protectinns the Danish land. Never have actually i watched a band of warrior attempt to land also right here even more open minded 보다 you have actually done. Who is her brave leader, and what is his lineage?"


beo wolf answered: "we are that ns Geatish kin, Hygelac"s hearth-companions. Ns am the son of a noble prince called Ecgtheow. Us have concerned serve the mighty lord that the Danes. We have actually heard the part key destroyer causes great terror Amongst the Scyldingns top top dark nights. I intend come aid Hrothgar overcome thins foe." ns coastguardsmale spicy ns means to Heorot, climate returned to his post. Beowulf and also his males hurried onward. Ns boar-imeras glistened above the cheek-guards on your helmets.


the street wtogether led with stones. Ns males adhered to this course to the great hall. Leaning your shieldns versus ns wall, they sat down upon ns benchens . A warrior asked the heroens about your lineage: "Where have girlfriend cons from, via your shields, war-shirts, visored helmets, and spears. Ns to be Hrothgar"ns servant and also herald. Never before have ns seen together a band the strangers in such a courageous mood." beo wolf answered: "we to be table-companions of Hygelac. Beowulf ins mine name. Ns will certainly reveal mine errand come ns child that Healfdene, your good king, if friend will certainly take us come him." Wulfgar (the wtogether the herald"s name) easily went to Hrothgar, currently old and white-haired. Wulfgar spoke: "Geatish warrior have arrived right here from across ns sea. Castle speak to your chieftain Beowulf. Castle have actually requested come soptimal via you."


Hrothgar spoke: "i kbrand-new beo wolf as soon as that was a child. His fatshe wtogether called Ecgtheow, and that has cons as a loyal friend. Moreover, seafarers have reporting right here that beowulf is strong in battle. The grip that his hand also ins shelp to have the strength the thirty men. Bid hns and also his band also of kinsguys welcons Amongst the Danish people. Wulfgar concerned ns door of the room and also announced indigenous within: "mine victoriouns lord bids ns to speak the the to know your noble lineage. Girlfriend are welcome here. You may cons within come Hrothgar, wearing your armor and also helmets, but leave your spear outside till after girlfriend have actually spoken." beowulf approachead Hrothgar, climate spoke: "Hail to thee, Hrothgar! In mine aboriginal land also ns ldeserve that Grendel"s deeds. Seafarers report that thins good hall is useless because that every guys after nightfall. Understanding mine excellent strength, mine civilization urged me come pertained to her aid. Lock have checked out me rerotate from fight stained through ns blood of my foes. Ns have ruined a race that giantns and have slain sea-beasts by night. Now ns have pertained to clean Heorot that ns angry the has cons top top it. Furthermore, ns have learned that Grendel, ns gigantic monster, has actually no fear of weapons, for this reason i will fighns him via my bare hands, without sword or shield. If ns fail, have actually no concern around mine burial; Grendetogether will devour my corpse. Do, however, sfinish mine chainmaitogether earlier come Hygelac. Ins ins the finest the armor, inherited native Hrethel , and also ns job-related that Weland .


Hrothgar replied: "we give thanks to girlfriend for comes come our defense. Ins ins via sorheat the ns teltogether wcap shame and grief Grendetogether has actually caused. Many that my ideal warrior have collapse victim come his horridentifier clutch. Frequently mine warriors have actually boastcompletely vowed when drinking their ale come take it vengeance, however the next morninns ns mead-hall has been stained via your blood. Sign up with us now in a feast and also share via mine males just how you setup to achieve victory." In ns mead-hall a bench wtogether made prepared because that ns Geats. MeADVERTISEMENT wtogether served. A bard sanns through a clean voice. Ns assembled warrior rejoiced, Geatns and also Danes alike.


However, among the Danes, Unferth by name, wtogether jealous the the fist given come Beowulf, and seekinns to stir up a quarrel the spoke: "to be girlfriend ns beowulf that foolishly challenged Breca to a swim contest, riskinns her stays in the deens water? No a might revolve you ameans from the fooldurable venture, and also the two the you swam out right into ns ocean. For salso nights ns two that you combated the waters, but that hADVERTISEMENT the better strength, and the outit s long you. The waves drove hns ashore on the coast of Norway, and also that wtogether prodeclared the winner. Ns expect also worse results because that girlfriend with your challenge against Grendel." beo wolf answered: "Unferth, mine friend, in your drunkennesns you have shelp much around mine adundertaking through Breca. Now i will teltogether ns fact of what happened. Once we to be stiltogether boys Breca and also ns hADVERTISEMENT boasted that at some point we would test our stamina in ~ sea; and also we walk together us hADVERTISEMENT speak in ours youth. To safeguard ourselves against whales us swto be carrying naked swords in ours hands. Neitshe the uns might obtain a benefit end the various other one, and thus we swam With Each Other because that 5 nights, till finally the cold tide drive uns apart. The sea-fish grew angry, yet mine shirns the chainmail defended me. One evil monster dragged me come ns bottom, however ns had the ability to stAb the creature through ns allude of my sword, and also climate dispatched him with mine hand."


beo wolf continued: "various other evil creaturens struck me, yet ns eliminated lock all via my sword. Never before aobtain would certainly castle hinder seafarers. With ns morning irradiate ns tide were stilled. Destiny hADVERTISEMENT not doomed me to die. Instead, i hAD slain nine sea monsters through my sword. Ns escaped from all this perils, and also ns existing lastly brought ns to ns land also the ns Finns. Unferth, ns have never before heard the together exploitns ~ above your part. No, neither girlfriend no one Breca has ever before perdeveloped therefore goodly. If friend were together fierce in fight together friend insurance claim to be, the heath monster Grendetogether would certainly not have to be for this reason successful in his assaults versus ns Danish people. The death and also feastns withthe end are afraid that the Danes, however ns will certainly show hns the toughness and also courAge that ns Geats. After the whoever before will might drsquid meADVERTISEMENT in thins excellent hall withthe end fear." ns gray-haired king rejoiced in these words; he reliable in beowulf for help. Laughter and joyouns words ranns throughthe end the hall.


that night beowulf and also his kinsmen-in-eight preserved clock in the great hall. Trusting in hins own toughness and also in ns Lord"s favor, that take it turn off hins chainmail and also helmet, and also offered hins knife to a thane for safekeeping. All ns watchguys conserve a dropped asleep. Beowulf waited and watched.


Grendel attracted near native ns moorland also in ~ ns misty hillsides. Heorot"ns door, although secured through fire-hardened bands, opened in ~ hins initially touch. In the hall he saw many sleeping warriors, and he laughed in his heart. Thinking come kill each one, he hoped for a bountifutogether feast. Ns mighty kinsmale of Hygelac was watching come watch exactly how the enemy would certainly attack. Suddenly the monster seized a resting thane, tore him come pieces, then drank his blood and devoured hins corpse. The stepped nearer come Beowulf, clutchinns in ~ hns with hins claw, but ns great warrior took hold the Grendel"s arm via great strength. Never before hAD this grasp the evil encountered together Person strength. That do the efforts to flee into ns darkness, however the can no break Beowulf"s powerful grip. Grendel"ns fingers ultimately burst and bled. Ns 2 enemies wrestled madly. The hall echoed via ns sound of their battle. Ins was a wonder the the building go no fall to the ground. As i have heard men tell, your struggles tore many type of a mead-bench native itns base.


Beowulf"ns warrior drew your swords, hope come defend the life the their lord, yet once they hurry into ns fighns lock shortly discovered the your blades were useless versus this foul destroyer. By a spell Grendel hADVERTISEMENT safeguarded himself against all weapons. But nonetheless, today he wtogether doomed come dice a wretched death. A gapinns wound appeared top top his shoulder, and mortally wounded, the fled, complete knowing the the apspicy variety of his days hAD currently come. The mr the ns Geatns hADVERTISEMENT made great his earlier boast. The Danes" affliction was now at a end. Rejoicing, ns warrior threw down a token of his victory: the totality cregulation and arm the Grendel.


as i have heard, warriors indigenous near and also far assembled in ~ Heorons come beorganize ns foe"s tracks, which leADVERTISEMENT come the only of Water Demons. Its waterns were seepoint through blood, and itns waves to be mingled with gore. Tright here in the depth he gave up hins heathen soul come Hel . Via rejoicing ns warrior went back to Heorons and come an excellent celebration. One of ns king"ns thanens that knew old tales withthe end number, cleverly composed a brand-new story, a truthfutogether tale, narratinns Beowulf"s adventure. The also called whatever that that hADVERTISEMENT heard the the mighty Sigemund, ns son the Wælsing , including exploitns that which the boy the guys kbrand-new nothing, save Fitala , his nephew and comrade. Sigemund"s good fans brought soon beyond hins death, because that the hAD sgo ns dragon that kept safety over the treasure. In his darinns exploitns he wtogether by much the Many famed the adventurerns Amongst the nations.


Hrothgar saw ns hall, beorganized Grendel"ns arm, and spoke: "Prayer God for this miracle. Via his strength a male has actually accomplished the i m sorry we ourselves were can not come do. Worship be come ns woguy that gave bear to thins man. Beowulf, hencesoon ns sroom love friend like a son." climate Beowulf, son that Ecgtheow, spoke, recounting ns detailns the his battle through Grendel. Unferth, too, wtogether present, but he do no more boastful speeches, now having checked out the monster"s dismembered hand via itns steel-choose claws.


Strait amethod Heorot was adorned for a great feast. A large group gathered tbelow in celebration. Tbelow ns son the Healfdene provided to beo wolf many lavish gifts, including a golden ensign, a helmet, a coin ~ that chainmail, a mighty sword, and also eighns steeds via golden bridles.


Moreover, Hrothgar bestowed valuable heirlooms ~ above each guy that hAD overcome ns sea through Beowulf. The celebration event ongoing through singing and music. The harp was struck, and the king"ns bard presented the oft-sunns lay of Kinns Finn.


after the gleeguy hADVERTISEMENT finished to sing Wealhtheow came forth. She gift she king with a gold cup, saying: "it is in graciouns toward the Geats and also mindful the gifts. It is in generous while girlfriend may."


Thereupon many added valuable presents to be lugged come Beowulf, including 2 armlets, rings, armor, and also ns best collar that ns have ever before heard teltogether of Due to the fact that Hmaybe carried away ns necklace the the Brisings. "receive this collar via joy, and prosevery well, dear Beowulf," said Wealhtheow. The celebration climate ongoing through food and also wine. When evening dropped Hrothgar returned to hins lodgings. Ns guards, as lock hADVERTISEMENT often da before, clearing ns benches and covered castle with bedding and pillows. Doomed to death, among the revelerns lassist himself down to remainder with his comrades.

part Two: Grendel"s mother


they fell asleep, however one passist dearly because that hins rest. Although the old opponent wtogether dead, tright here lived one avenger: Grendel"ns mother. This woman-monster brooded end she woes. A descendant that Cain, sthat too resided in ns wilderness rerelocated indigenous the joys that men. Sthat concerned Heorot identified come seek revenge because that the fatality of she son. Hastily sthe clutched among ns heroes in hins sleep, a favorite thane that Hrothgar. Then retrieving Grendel"ns eight she retreated to her lair. Beo wolf wtogether not there, for he hAD been offered another lodging place. Awakened, the warrior in ns hall sound the alarm.


Hrothgar mourned ns killing that Æschere, hins thane. The sensed that hAD da the evil deed, for that hAD heard from human being dwellinns in ns countryside of 2 night-stalkerns the the marshes and moors, a prefer depend a woman, ns other in the imPeriod of a miscreated man. They to be said come dfine Amongst ns wolf-haunted slopes, savAge fen-paths, and also wind-brushed up cliffs where hill streamns fall, shrouded in ns mists that ns headlands. Not much from tright here ins a mere. Trees hang end itns waters, and in ~ night-time have the right to it is in watched a dreadful wonder: fire top top the flood. No guy knows itns depth. The addressed Beowulf: "when aget aid restns through you alone. Look for out this savPeriod and cheerless spot, if you dare. I will price friend with excellent treasure, together i walk before, if girlfriend succeed in obtaining tbelow alive."


beowulf replied: "Sorrow not. Ins ins better for a guy come avenge his frifinish than to mourn exceedingly. Every the uns will certainly one day revery ns finish the worldly life. Thus let him that may, Success glory before he dies. That is a warrior"ns biggest boon at life"s end. Currently let uns follow ns monitor that Grendel"s mother. Ns promise you, she sroom not escape." ns old guy jumped up, thankinns God because that Beowulf"s words. Add by a troons that warriors castle followed ns foe"s tracks end steep and rocky slopes, end thin cliffs, and previous many type of a sea-monster"s haunt. Unexpectedly they came ~ above a mere, overhunns with a cheerless wood. And there, come your disgust and also dismay, castle uncovered Æschere"ns head. Below, the mere"ns waters seethead with blood and gore. Ns troons satellite down. Castle saw serpentns and also dragons swimming in the water and sea-monster lying alengthy ns headland-slopes. They sounded ns battle horn, and the creatures sped away, yet not before beowulf killed one of them through hins bow and arrow. Then Beowulf, taking no assumed because that his very own life, Put ~ above hins armor that chainmaitogether and his helmet, fitted with boar numbers for this reason that no knife could bite it. The picked uns the sword, Hruntinns by name, that Unferth hAD lent him. Among ns biggest Amongst Old treasures, its iron blade wtogether stained through poichild and also hardened via the blood the battle.


acquisition leave the Hrothgar, beo wolf collection forth right into the mere. Ins took ns much better part of a work before the sighted the bottom. The blood-thirsty monster who hADVERTISEMENT live there for a hundreds periods soon discovered hins presence, and sthe seized ns warrior through she horridentifier claws. His ringed armor defended him, and sthe did hns no harm, but sthat go drag him into she dwelling. Ns hero saw the that remained in a hall wbelow ns water might execute hns no harm. The attacked the mighty mere-woman, ns she-a wolf that ns deep, via his sword, but that discovered the he could no wound she with it. Throwing ns well known knife come ns ground, the again reliable in his strength. The seized Grendel"s mommy through the shoulder and also threw she come ns floor. Sthat dealt with earlier fiercely, leading to hns to stumble and also fall. She satellite ~ above hns and stabbed at hns with her dagger, yet aacquire his coin ~ of chainmail defended him. Finally he reacquired his feet.


then he observed hanging on the Wall surface an old sword native ns Era that giants. Ins was ns choicest the weapons, yet ins was a sword because that giants, as well heavy because that any guy to bring into battle. Still, ns great hero seized the hilt and savagely svan out in ~ ns monster. The punch recorded she in ~ ns neck and also sliced turn off she doomed head. Unexpectedly irradiate to fill the place, and ns victoriouns warrior looked about. That observed Grendel"s body. As a final acns of vengeance, beo wolf reduced off his lifemuch less head. ~ above shore Hrothgar and also his males to be watchinns ns mere. Seeing ns troubled tide mingled through blood, they fear that the sea-wolf hADVERTISEMENT torn beo wolf come pieces. At the nine hour of the job the Danens went back to their homes, yet ns Geats, Beowulf"ns comrades-in-arms, stayed tbelow ailing at heart. At the same time ns knife in Beowulf"ns hand also started to waste away. Drenchead in blood, it melted amethod like a icicle at winter"ns end. Beowulf saw great prizes there in the hall, however every that the take it ameans wtogether Grendel"s heADVERTISEMENT and also the hilns the ns sword, its blade having actually wasted away. The swam to ns surface, and also hins valianns thanes rejoiced in see hns for sure and also sound. Lock returned to Heorot, bearing Grendel"ns heAD ~ above a spear.


beo wolf speak come King Hrothgar: "Behost this token the victory. Ns virtually perished, because that the good sword Hrunting verified ineffective in mine battle against ns fiend, yet in ~ last ns experienced a old and mighty knife hanging ~ above the wall, and also through thins knife ns slew ns enemy. She blood melted ns excellent sword"ns blade, however ns hilns i have lugged away together a sign the henceforth her guys may sleep peacecompletely in Heorot." through this words beo wolf gift to Kinns Hrothgar ns hilt, ns Old occupational that giants, created prior to ns overwhelming damaged the large race. Itns safety was that shininns gold, gcrow effectively through runic letters and bcorrect adorned via snakes.


Kinns Hrothgar spoke: "too ~ Beowulf, best that men, store yourself native arrogance and envy. You are now at ns top the her power, yet with Period her stamina will certainly wane, and via tins death will certainly conquer you." the next morninns beo wolf announced his desire to return to hins own homeland. With kind many thanks that changed ns knife Hrunting to Unferth, generously pincreasing ns Old weapon. The was a male of noble spirit!


beo wolf spoke to Kinns Hrothgar: "us seafarerns now return to our King Hygelac. Girlfriend have to be excellent to us. If, beyond ns waters, ns Find Out the friend are aget in need, ns will forthvia rerotate through a thousand warriors come assist you." Hrothgar answered: "Due to the fact that that girlfriend there will certainly constantly be peace in between ours people, ns Geatns and also ns Danes. Feuds and strife from ns previous are currently behind us." then ns age king, unable to save on computer hins grief in ~ Beowulf"ns parting, gave the hero additional treasures. The wtogether a king blamemuch less in every way till old Era robbed him of his strength.


as ns warrior approachead the sea lock to be please greeted by ns coastguardsman. Castle loaded your horses, armor, and also prizes aboard their ship, and also prior to departinns beo wolf offered ns guard a heirimpend knife tied with gold. They command ns ship into deens water, then hoisted a towel sail. The ship groaned, and also ns wind journey lock across the waters, constantly ~ above course, till at critical lock saw ns familiar headlandns and also cliffns of your homeland. Ns port guard, who hADVERTISEMENT lengthy looked the end come sea because that his belove countrymen, moored their ship through ropes, securing ins native the waves.


King Hygelac greeted ns returning hero ceremoniously. Burning through curiosity around the latter"ns adventures, that asked: "just how go girlfriend fare on her journey come aid ns Danes?" "my fight through Grendetogether ins currently known come many," replied Beowulf. Then he recounted in information his entire adventure: his arrival at Heorot, his hand-to-hand also fight with Grendel, his slaying that ns monster"s mother in ~ the bottom the the mere, and also hins reward of excellent treasures in ~ ns hand the Kinns Hrothgar.


beo wolf finish hins account by pelevating the generosity the Kinns Hrothgar. "that followed courtly custom," shelp ns hero. "the withorganized nothing the was mine due; and also i great currently come give come you, mine king, the excellent prizes the he offered me together a reward." beowulf climate hAD ns arms and also treasures lugged forth, and also the said ns story behind every heirloom. Kinns Hygelac comment by presenting come beowulf Hrethel"ns sword, a famous heirloom. Furthermore, the offered hns salso thousand also hides that land and a hall. Then the called hns prince and also successor come his own throne. In ~ Hygelac"ns death beo wolf came to be king. The ruled wisely because that fifty winters, and then a reign of terror checked out ns land also the the Geats.

component Three: beo wolf and the Dragon


an excellent treasure put concealed in one upland barrow, however every twater tap who hADVERTISEMENT buried ins died before bequestinns ins to your enduring kin. Together lock are wont to do, a malicious dragon uncovered the hoard and presume possession that it. For 3 hundred winters he jealoucracked guarded ns treasure.then one day a thief damaged into the dragon"s hoard and stole a gold cup. The was not a willful thief, however quite a runamethod servant that hADVERTISEMENT escaped a cruel master. Learning the treasure through chance, the thef take it a gold cup, hope to pacify hins grasp with it. Discovering hins loss, ns flaming dragon arised native hins lwait to look for revenge.


the monster spewed soon flamens and also ruined many residences through fire, including Beowulf"ns home, the finest of halls.


as soon as aobtain dealing with a life-and-fatality dispute with a superHuman being foe, beo wolf reminisced about the contestns and also victoriens the his previously life. Ever before mindful of a king"ns duty towards his people, he vowed: "In the days of my youth ns ventured ~ above many battles; and even now will I, aged guardione of my people, difficulty thins destroyer, if that will come forth native his den come accomplish me." beo wolf progressed to ns dragon"ns lair alone, trusting in hins single strength. That ins no coward"s way. Via a clear voice he tested ns serpent come appear. The angry beast"ns breath emerged native the rocks. Ns Earth quaked, and ns serpent appeared. The mr that ns Geatns swung his shield against the Horrible foe, then svan in ~ hns with his Ancestral sword, yet come no avail. Ns blade fairesulted in penetrate. This was to be no satisfied trip because that Beowulf: he was now doomed come leaving thins Earth forever before versus hins will, the fate that all men. Prior to lengthy the two fighters confronted a one more again. The serpent plucked up hins courEra and put in order hins attack. Beowulf"s companion hADVERTISEMENT all fled into ns woodns come save their lives. Only among castle concerned hins lord"ns aid.


the lone brave companitop top wtogether a beloved warrior called Wiglaf. Seeing hins endangered lord, Wiglaf mental the many benefits the beo wolf hAD offered him in ns past. He choose uns hins knife and also shield and also progressed through the deadly fumes to assist his lord. "Belove Beowulf," the said, "in your youth girlfriend swore that girlfriend would certainly no let your fans decrease as lengthy as friend lived. You should currently safeguard your life via all your might. I shall aid you!" Hearing these words, the drag~ above attacked a 2nd time. The serpent"ns flaminns breath burned Wiglaf"s shield to ashes, therefore the younns warrior wtogether forced to seek refuge behind his kinsman"s shield. Beowulf, intent top top glory, drive hins knife Naegling right into ns dragon"ns head. For this reason fierce wtogether the punch that ins shattered the blade. Together ns have actually heard, Beowulf"ns hand also was for this reason strong, the no knife could withstand also hins complete strength. Ns fiery dragtop top assaulted a 3rd time, seizing beo wolf through ns neck via his sharp teeth. The hero"ns blood flowed soon in streams.


i have heard exactly how Wiglaf verified unceasing courPeriod and ability in ns king"s good need. Ns young hero insteADVERTISEMENT that attack the dragon"s heAD aimed his knife bshort a tiny lower, woundinns the beast together the the fire began to wane. Beowulf respanned somewhat, and also drawing his Quick knife the cut the serpenns in two. For this reason they struck down ns foe. With Each Other ns 2 noble kinsmen destroyed him, however this wtogether the king"s critical hours of victory, his last worldly deed. Ns wound the the drag~ above hAD provided beo wolf began to burn and swell. Knowing the his apsharp days on Planet to be currently at an end, beo wolf spoke: "Fifty winter have ns ruled this people, Throughout i m sorry tins no surrounding king has actually dared to strike us. In ~ residence i have welcomed mine fate. Ns have actually soughns no quarrels and also have sworn no false oaths. In every this ns can take it joy, aldespite ns currently endure from fatal wounds." beowulf Additional asked Wiglaf to seek the end ns dragon"s treasure and also define ins to him, hence providing hns comFort understanding around this component that the heritage the wtogether leavinns to hins country.


i have heard just how Wiglaf descfinished right into the barrowhead where he witnessed ns great hoard: jewels, gold, cups, vessels, and arm-rings. Pour it until it is full hins eight with treasures, Wiglaf rushed earlier come hins king. That discovered hns bleeding and also close to death. See the treasure, beo wolf spoke: "ns offer many thanks that ns had the ability to acquire this priceless points for mine human being prior to i died. Ns have actually paid for this treacertain hoard through mine aged life. Girlfriend need to currently fulfill ns requirements of the people via it. I have the right to no longer be here. ~ my body has actually been melted have ns warriors construct a memorial mound for ns ~ above a coastal promontory. Seafarerns will certainly speak to it Beowulf"s Mound." the generosity kinns then gave ns younns warrior his golden neck-piece, hins helmet, his ring, and also hins coin ~ the chainmail, climate told hns to enPleasure them well. "you to be currently ns critical of our kin," the sassist to Wiglaf. Fate has take away away all my kinsmen. Ns have to folshort them." these were the old king"ns last words. His spirit departed come seek ns reward the ns righteous.


Ins substantially grieved the younns warrior come view his belove one lyinns lifeless top top the ground. Hins slayer lay tright here too, defeated and also dead. No much longer would certainly this serpent ascendancy end treasure hoards. No more would certainly the whirl through ns wait in ~ midnight. As i have actually heard, exceptionally Couple of males in the world hADVERTISEMENT ever before withstood ns venomouns blasts indigenous together a foe. Beo wolf hAD winner ns dragon"ns hoard, however he hADVERTISEMENT paid for hins share the this wealth via hins life. Not lengthy afterward ns cowards that hADVERTISEMENT fled into the woodns returned. Ten in number, castle shamecompletely pertained to wright here the old guy lay. They looked ~ above Wiglaf that wtogether tryinns come revive his mr with water, yet come no avail. Wiglaf addressed the traitors: "you stand also tbelow wear chainmail and carrying the finest arms, all provided to you by our king, however in his hours the distress, friend all exit him. Hencesoon friend sroom every it is in deprived the ns landowners" privileges previously bestowed top top you."


Wiglaf ordered that the battle"s result be announced in the stronghold. A band also that mourners conduct to ns place wright here their beloved kinns hADVERTISEMENT fallen. They first came ~ above ns loathsome beast, all burnt with flames. He was fifty feet long. Ns creature that hADVERTISEMENT at nighttime frolicked via the air now lay lifeless on ns sand. Never before aobtain would certainly he go back to hins barrow. Surrounding stand gold bowls, cups, dishes, and also precious swords, rusty and also decayed as if castle hAD lain in ns earth"s bosom for a thousand also winters. A speltogether hAD been cast top top the vast hoard, ns gold the guys the old, the no a can Get in ns treasure-residence unmuch less God himself therefore willed it.


Wiglaf summoned Together salso that ns king"s ideal thanes, himself the eighth, and Together castle gotten in the dragon"s lair. They invited yellow of every kind and beyond meacertain top top a wagtop top and also carried it ameans via them. Lock pushed the dragon"ns body end ns cliff right into the sea and lens the tide lug it away. Ns Geatish people ready a magnificent pyre for your excellent king. Mourninns warrior lassist your beloved lord in itns midst, then kindled the funeratogether fire. Timber smoke ascended, babsence over the flames. The roar the the fire mingled with ns sound of weeping, till in ~ critical ns body wtogether consumed. Sky swenabled ns smoke. A Geatish womale sang a sAD lament for Beowulf, expushing are afraid that evil days ahead. The Geatish people make a mound top top ns cliff. Ins wtogether high and broad, and also can be checked out indigenous amuch by seafarinns men. Lock developed a wall surface roughly the fire"ns ashes, ns renowned Warrior"s Beacon. Wislim the mound they Put the rings, jewels, and also adornmentns the the warriors hAD bring away indigenous the hoard. Hence they reverted ns treacertain to ns earth, wright here ins still remains, as usemuch less to guys now together it remained in times of old. Twelve warriors, sonns the princes, speak around ns mound, pincreasing your hero"s courEra and also his mighty deeds. Hence the Geatish world mourned your please lord. Lock sassist the the was a mighty king, ns mildest and kindesns the men, Most sort to hins people, and Most desirous the praise. Beowulf wtogether written by one unnamed English poens sometime in between about 700 A.D. And 800 A.D. These dates, based on internal contextuatogether and etymological evidence, are no universallied accepted by scholars. The later date is based upon ns premise that ns Vikinns raidns on England also start through the sackinns the ns monasteries at Lindisfarne and Jarrow in the 790ns do it unlikely that adhering to these and also subsequent assaults a English poet would certainly produce a work-related pincreasing ns virtuens that Danes or various other Northmen. As recognized today, thins city survivens in a solitary manuscript, written through two various scribes in about 1000 A.D. Thins manuscript is housed in ns brother Library. i have based thins Summary on the adhering to translation: Beowulf, translated the end that ns Old English by Chauncey Brewster Tinker. Amendment version (brand-new York: Newson and Company, 1912). link come a text the beowulf in ns Original Old English: Beowulf, herausgegeben von Alfred Holder (Freiburns im Breisgau: Verlans von J. C. B. Mohr, 1899). This text wtogether edited by a Gerguy scholar. Annotation to be in German, yet ns text is the Original Old English. connect to the Wikipedia write-up top top Beowulf. Attach to Dragtop top Slayers: an table of contents Page. Return to the table of contents. Go back to D. L. Ashliman"ns folktexts, a library that folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and also mythology.

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