"to the Human being sitting in Darkness" ins a esto speak by Amerihave the right to writer note twain publiburned in ns north Amerihave the right to evaluation in February 1901. It is a satires exposing imperialism as revealed in the Boxer Upclimbing and its aftermath, the Boer War, and also the Philippine-Amerideserve to battle expushing hins anti-Imperialist views. Ins mention the historical figures Emilio Aguinaldo, wilhelm McKinley, Joseph Chamberlain, william Scott Ament and also others, and also fueled ns Twain-Amenns indemnities controversy.

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mark two (1835-1910) wtogether the pen surname and also alter ewalk of Samuetogether Clemens, one American humorist, satirist, society critic, lecturer and novelist. The is thought about among ns fathers the Amerihave the right to literature and also is psychic Most fondly because that hins Classic novels the Adendeavors that Huckleberry Finn and also the Adendeavors of Tom Sawyer.
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