Most series building to a sacrifice cream ritual would have thought a bloodbathtub would certainly do a well seaboy finale. Just how happy to be we that The Vampire Diaries didn’t speak there? by goinns a action further, ns producers finished the season with every personality (the survived) gift even more compelling 보다 lock to be just last week. Till Damon required to hins deathbed and also tins slfan for his heart-to-hearts via Elena, the illustration go feeling somstartupcuba.orgcap choppy. Yet that’s simply Due to the fact that tbelow was so a lot come erected for next season, i beg your pardon we’ll Get in via the satisfying emotion the no character on ns present ins for this reason undermade use of the she’d it is in much better turn off deADVERTISEMENT (RIP, Aunt Jenna). Exec producer Julin other words Plec offered part post-display color commentary because that us. Here’ns ours traditional play-by-play.

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I’m curious: walk anyone else think, simply for a second, the Elena somehow to walk in on a sleeping Elijah when sthe peeked right into Jeremy’ns bedroom? It would have made no sense, obviously, but Steven R. McQueen looked like Daneil Gillies native that distance, and now that my mind has actually ga there, wcap perform girlfriend thoctopus Elijah sleepns in? A equipment wife-beater and also a pwaiting the silk pants? (Shortns would certainly seem undignified.) Anyway, after Elena surveyed Jenna’s empty bedroom, she uncovered the house wasn’ns together north as she thought: Damon was tbelow to ask her come forprovide him because that feeding her hins blood. It was the sweetest, softest voice we’d ever heard Damon use — approximately that point. Elena sassist sthat required time, probably many it. We Dam~ above didn’ns have that; that didn’ns also have actually enough energy come advanced his eyebrows.

ago in ~ ns Salvatore mansion, Dam~ above wenns for ns excellent party the bourbon in the earlier the the liquor cabinet and also was standing in front the a stained glass window. Ins wtogether peaceful, choose he was in church. The reduce his rinns and also began come let himme burn. Stepan tackled him and also called Damtop top he wouldn’ns be dying today. That locked Dam~ above in ns cell in ns basement. Damtop top wanted Stepan to simply say goodbye. Together Damtop top lay sneeze uns blood, Stefan called him come conserve his strength. Stefan phoned Alaric, who, naturally, wtogether hitting the bottle at ns Grill. That wtogether a good conversation, wasn’t it?

Alaric: Well, friend need to have actually ns confused through someone else. See, I’m not permitted come help, simply idly sins by while mine girlfriend it's okay sacrificed top top one altar that blood.

That’s how you remind vistartupcuba.orgers wcap happened critical week! when Stepan told hns Damon was dying, and Alaric said, “What carry out friend need?” ns swooned. That Alaric-Damtop top bromantic is stiltogether among my favorite relationships on ns show. Apparently, Stefan required Alaric to take it over suicide clock 2011 therefore ns complying with might happen: Damon might perhaps kinda sorta apologize to Alaric because that hins role in Jenna’ns death (Alaric didn’t blans hns for that) and also because that turninns hins wife into a vampire. “Okay, provide me your glass. Neitshe one of us is drunk sufficient because that thins conversation,” Alaric said, having lugged a party dvery own with him. Damon got Alaric by the throat and begged hns come perform what Damon hAD done to Rose: “kill me. Please,” he said. “ you,” Alaric answered, and stabbed hns via vervain. “Elena?” Damon shelp together he hit ns dirt. I wasn’ns certain if that wtogether having actually another hallucination (in ~ one point, us experienced hns imagine entering Katherine’ns bedroom in 1864 come resolve she corcollection string prior to headinns turn off to battle and Elena appearing come tell him Katherine was simply toying via hns — that hAD a choice); if that wtogether calling out she name Because the want Alaric to understand he needed come check out her; or if sthat was ssuggest ns only point top top hins mind. Alaric said sthat wasn’ns there. Yet she wtogether top top she way…

Stepan interrupted Jeremy, Caroline, and Elena preparing for an escapisns night in ns tvery own squto be watchinns Ga via ns Wind come tell Elena around Damon’s werstartupcuba.orgolf bite. The wtogether a standup point come do, Stefan: he wanted come provide Elena tins to to speak she goodbyens to Damon, if ins concerned that. Feeling guilty that the required Dam~ above to end up being a vampire in the initially place, Stepan hADVERTISEMENT Bonnin other words channetogether Emily at Witch central therefore he could ask her if sthat knstartupcuba.orns of a cure. Ns witchens believed Bonnin other words was abusing she power, and they didn’ns desire to play. Stefan make the efforts to factor with Emily the by not helping Damon, sthat wasn’t maintaining ns balance in nature, she wtogether just punishinns him. Stiltogether nothing. Luckily, Bonnin other words heard Emily to speak a surname — Klaus. Ns wtogether reasoning Klauns would have to bite Damon and somejust how readjust him right into a hybrid, so then we’d check out Damon, who’d spent 2 periods trying to reobtain hins humanity, having actually come attend to gift the Many viciouns biology top top the planet. Wrong! Stefan said Elena he hAD to find Klaus. Klaus could’ve killed hns top top the night the the sacrifice and also hadn’t. The might negotiate.

Klaus’ enntrance gate in this episode wtogether shirtless. Welinvolved the fold, Joseph Morgan! He’d woken uns naked in ns woodns after 2 days as a werstartupcuba.orgolf. Elijah was tbelow through clothes. Ns love the means the pulled dvery own Klaus’ jacket. Appearance/fins ins essential come Elijah, isn’ns it? Klauns revealed that he might adjust at will certainly and that he rememberns eincredibly kill. He told Elijah no a can kill hns now, no even him, and say thanks to you. “all ins forgiven,” Klauns said. What was forgiven? ns reality that Elijah hAD simply tried to kill him, or whatever Elijah hAD done earlier in the day to pisns hns off? (carry out us thsquid the it’s not findinns Katherine ~ she escaped or somepoint even juicier?) Elijah wanted to talk about the deal Klaus hADVERTISEMENT do — that shelp he’d rehold together Elijah with hins family. “friend need to lighten up,” Klaus said. “I’ltogether bring lock come friend quickly enough.” If we’d only known…

ns half brothair went back to Alaric’ns location to uncover Stepan there. He’d come to ask Katherine for her assist in finding Klaus Since she obvioucunning knstartupcuba.orns the hadn’t to be killed Because sthat wtogether stiltogether captive. Elijah do the efforts come do nice via Stefan. Stepan coming come Klaus implies the understandns how essential household is. Elijah betrayed their plan to kill Klauns Because Klaus hAD given hns hins indigenous that that would certainly reunite him through hins very own family, Elijah said. “and therefore ns shall,” Klaus sassist — and stabbed him with the dagger. “Shhhh,” Klauns said, as Elijah rotate gray and also dropped to ns floor (and i wrote, “ns dislike YOU, KLAUS” in mine notes). Ns have to have suspected the would happen when Daneil Gillies shelp in a recent through startupcuba.orns that he personally lovens characters “as soon as castle f— up.” ns just didn’ns think Klauns would turn ~ above hns so quickly. I guess Elijah have to have actually been even more cautious as soon as that make that linguistic pact via Klaus (“therefore you’ll take it ns come them, resurrecns them, and also let uns all live?”), however then, when friend have your hand also in her brother’s chest, prepared come rip the end his heart, you’re not thinking the ns fine print.

staying through Stefan, the following time us saw him, he was gaining repeatedly stabbed by Klauns together Katherine watched. Stefan called him if that helped Damon, he’d perform whatever Klaus wanted. Klaus said Stepan wtogether virtually useless ns method the was, and again, ns wasn’t certain what the expected through that: Wtogether ins Because Stepan wtogether mirroring the type the love because that Damon the Klaus think ins a vampire’s greatest weakness? not exactly. It was Because Stepan wasn’t ns same vampire Klauns hAD heard around — the stunner bloke who wtogether ~ above and also turn off ns wagon because that decades, the one that was “magnificent” in 1917 when that clear all the end a whole village, a “true ripper.” That’s the kind that talenns that would be helpful come Klauns as soon as he lefns Mystic Falls. Klauns referred to as Katherine come hns and little bit her. (deserve to girlfriend imagine if Katherine hADVERTISEMENT ga the end as conveniently as Elijah? as well crazy, also for this show!) he climate force fed her Several of his blood and ns wound healed. Hins blood was the cure. If Stefan want ins for Damon, he’d need to come to be Klaus’ wingman because that a decadelong bender. Klauns inquiry Stefan come join hns because that a drink. Climate that required him come drink blood bans after blood bans till he looked prefer a dons you walk in top top devourinns your whole stash that Pup-Peronis. (Shoutout come mine parent’ns dachshund Charles.) Klaus was smart with ns blanket wording of hins attend to Stefan: “you execute everything ns say, and also i save her brother.”

we recognize Stepan hAD to be drink a bit the Elena’ns blood day-to-day to construct uns hins yongin that Person blood, but Klaus’ binge was too much. When Klaus thought Stefan was on the roADVERTISEMENT come ns dark side, that called Katherine come take it his blood to Dam~ above and also cons ideal back. Stefan, that course, the Katherine was ~ above vervain. For this reason walk Klaus, ins transforms out. That didn’t care whetshe sthat yielded it or fled.

prior to we gain to Katherine’s decision, we must ago up. Mrs. Mayor, respanned from she “fall,” hAD intimidated come rearea Sheriff Forbes if sthe couldn’t save the tvery own safe. It wtogether time for Liz to make she move. She checked out the Salvatore mansion come watch Damon and also take it Elena into custody external the residence on Elena’ns go native her Ford to ns door. Liz and also her team went inside, and Alaric tried come tell her now wtogether no ns right time come speak to Damon, but sthe opened up ns cell door, obtained thrown against the wall, and out Damon went. Everyone knstartupcuba.orns Damon would heADVERTISEMENT come ns squto be come uncover Elena, and Bonnin other words want Jeremine to cave back. I like the the stood as much as her and sassist he wtogether going come discover hins sister. Damon’s hallucicountries ongoing as the arrived at the town square and also assumed the saw Katherine. Jeremine found Damon initially and also took hns to the Griltogether so he might contact because that reinforcements.

we have to have recognized the minute that Liz said Elena vampirens to be all killers the Sthat would certainly it is in the one who take it a life the night. She obtained word wright here Damtop top was and also went into the Grill after ~ him. She took she shot, Damon moved, and also sthat nailed Jeremy in the chest. (I’m choosing to think the werstartupcuba.orgolf bite clouded Damon’ns referee around the results the his relocate for Jeremy.) the blood splast was perfection. Due to the fact that Liz wtogether human, Jeremy’s ring wouldn’t work. Caroheat arrived and also tried come feed Jeremine Several of her blood, however it was also late. The would certainly have to be as well simple, right? Bonnin other words and also Alaric took Jeremy’ns human body to Witch central — tbelow was a spell the can carry Jeremy back.

ns witchens to be pissy via Bonnie because that returning and also didn’ns want to aid her. Tbelow would be consequences, castle told her. “He’ns just a kid. Teltogether castle to shut up,” Alaric said. Ha. “Emily. Emily. I understand you’re there. You"re welcome aid me,” Bonnie cried, holding Jeremy’s heAD in her lap. “ns love him.” Ooh, ns just obtained chills keying that! Kin ~ Grahto be was good in the scene. Ns loved how sthat lens the blood from she nose discolor her teeth. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’ns expected to be. It would certainly have actually been funny-sADVERTISEMENT hADVERTISEMENT Bonnie survived trying to death Klaus however passed away bringing back Jeremy. She didn’t. Ns candle flickered off, and you believed maybe ins hadn’ns worked. However you kinda suspected it did. He awoke.

after Dam~ above escaped Liz’s bullet, that wenns earlier come the square and also discovered Elena. As Atlanta melted top top ns massive screen, Damon sweated together the fever before — and also hallucicountries — overtook him. That wtogether lookinns at Elena yet see himme via Katherine in 1864. He’d wanted come understand why Katherine constantly ran from him, and also sthat sassist it wtogether Due to the fact that sthe knstartupcuba.orns the would certainly chase her. Damon want to it is in through she forever, for this reason the asked her come feeding hns her blood and no tell Stefan. Sthat wouldn’t. He’d need to take it it. Ins was his choice. Elena ins happy 1864-Person Dam~ above was gentle, Due to the fact that as that Put hins lips to Katherine’ns neck in ns hallucination/memory, that sunk hins this right into Elena in genuine life. Sthe kept telling him the wtogether hurtinns her, and also finally, he snapped out that it. They broke down come their knee and also Elena organized Damon.

also after ~ that, once they got Damon house and also into bed and he request Elena come leaving him, Elena called hns sthat wouldn’t. (Really, Elena? friend forobtained what occurred as soon as girlfriend were alone with Rose?) She organized him, and also friend couldn’t help but thsquid ago to Dam~ above and also increased gift in the exact same position. The called Elena he realized he’d do his own option come love Katherine. He request her to teltogether Stepan he was sorry. The shelp he’d do a lot of wrong selections that hAD led hns to wbelow that was, and also the deserved to die. Laying next by side through Elena now, that told her the wtogether it"s okay — Since if he’d favored differently, he wouldn’ns have mens her. He apologized because that all ns things he’d da to hurt her. “i forgive you,” she said. Sthe knstartupcuba.orns what he needed to hear.

“i know friend love Stefan. And also it will certainly constantly it is in Stefan. Yet i love you. Girlfriend have to understand that,” Dam~ above said. Maybe it was Since the the show’ns fatality theme wtogether playing because that him, yet i love that Damtop top had the ability to say that and make us believe that hAD no agenda. “i do,” Elena said, calmly and quiet holding ago tears. Ins wasn’ns “ns love you, too,” but it was ns next ideal thing, and also again, wcap he necessary to hear. Elena believed that cared for her, believed him capable the carinns for her. “you should have mens me in 1864. Friend would certainly have preferred me,” he said. “i like girlfriend now. Just ns means girlfriend are,” sthat said. Damon’ns eye to be closed, and also Elena provided him a soft, sweet, chaste kiss ~ above the lips. “give thanks to you,” he said. “You’re welcome,” she answered. Did girlfriend Catch Damon’s little bit smile? ns thought the step wtogether lovely. Ns don’t think fans who desire Stepan and also Elena Together forever before can it is in angry through her because that how sthat handled that. To be i wrong? just how many kind of times walk friend Delena pan rstartupcuba.orgind? that holds ns record, ns wonder?

“fine it’s ns you must it is in thanking,” Katherine said, breaking the silence. She hADVERTISEMENT involved give Dam~ above ns cure Due to the fact that sthe owed hns one for sneakinns her ns vervain. Elena inquiry around Stefan (“to be girlfriend sure girlfriend care?”), and also Katherine said she that wtogether paying because that the cure, that he’d given himself over come Klaus and sacrificed whatever — including Elena — to save Damon. “It’ns a great thing friend have actually Dam~ above to keep you company,” Katherine said, enjoying ns instance Elena found herself in now the Damon would live and Stefan’s gone bad. “Oh, it’s it"s okay to love lock both,” sthe added. “i did.” for this reason Dam~ above wtogether only 90 percent the footogether that believed the wAs with Katherine? that information wtogether a nice cream parting gift. You recognize Katherine is headed the end that town.

Klaus inhas a tendency to Catch Katherine, with Stefan’ns help, the course. Last we observed those two, lock were in some type the warehouse, closing ns lidentifier top top Elijah’s coffin and reuniting hns through his family. Stepan wanted to recognize what Klauns really planns to do through him. Every will certainly be described in time, Klauns said. (Theories? probably that wants Stepan to train ns vampolfs he’ll create?) ns assumed Stefan questioning if they were ready to leave tvery own currently was the great in hns shining with — the wanted to get Klaus together much ameans indigenous Elena together possible. Probably Klaus doubt that, too. That necessary to do sure Stefan would perform whatever before that said, prefer kill the Person gift Klauns lugged him. The Klaus could’ve compelled ns girtogether come “behave” (or no be afraid) and didn’t wtogether important cruel. Real ripperns enDelight the hunt, Klauns said. He took a bite from her and Stepan finiburned she off. Ins hAD to remind girlfriend that Stepan bringinns a younns womale for Damtop top come droctopus Throughout his shift in 1864. Let’s not foracquire the also though Damon willingly drank Katherine’ns blood (i beg your pardon we already, he determined against coming to be a vampire when that thought Katherine was dead. Stepan is appropriate to feeling at leastern partly responsible because that Damtop top being a vampire. Seeing ns adjust in Stefan’ns eye when that eliminated ns woman, Klauns said now lock to be all set to go. What a good final shot the them, blood dtake it down both their mouths. (go off and also be Spike and also Angel, pre-soul, boys.)

possibly the just happy ending in ns episode was Caroline’s. As soon as she offered her mommy ns nstartupcuba.orgns that Jeremine wtogether alive, sthat additionally called she sthe wasn’ns going to be afrassist of her anymore and sthat didn’t desire Liz come it is in afrassist the her. She’s still her little bit girl. Lock hugged it out. Hooray! i love just how that could pit Sheriff Forbes against Mmaybe Locktimber following season, offering lock both a meatier story line. Jeremy’s ending was… well… I’m not certain wcap the was, other than awesome. The said Bonnie over a goodnighns video ccap that the felns different/weird. Sthat reminded hns he’d been deADVERTISEMENT for this reason the was to be expected. He thanked her, and she shelp that could give thanks to she tomorrow, and ns job after ~ that, and also the job after that. Alaric using the same line ~ above Jeremy as soon as Jeremy thanked hns because that help Bonnie conserve him — hilarious. Alaric was going to leave ns Gilbert house, however then chose to stay top top the couch as soon as the establish Jeremy would be alone. I expect the move in permanently. They require a guardian, and he demands not to walk ago to hins old apartment. The would also lug hns right into the story more, which I’d love.

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ns episode ended with Jeremine walking downstairs and also seeing both Vickns and also Anna. WHAT?! Ins the wcap twater tap witches expected through consequences: Since ins was love that make Bonnie desire come lug Jeremine earlier to life, they carried the ghosts of his two previous girlfriends via him? will certainly the see all deAD people, or simply them? (ns assume it’ns their soul and no something imindividual like ns first angry us witnessed ~ above Buffy.)

her turn. To be girlfriend to solve with the finale? perform friend prefer just how Elena taken on Damon’ns deathbed confession, or perform friend think sthat betrayed Stefan? how psychead are friend because that bAD Stepan come come the end and also pplace with Klaus? Where carry out Dam~ above and Elena go native here? (find ELIJAH!)

finest founding Point: ''Cultivation Pains'' (401) — A lons changed in last season's lead-up. It's probably best no to miss this season opener, which shows…

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