This fruit offers ns user a human body that has properties that rubber immediately. When a external pressure ins acted on Luffy, together together gravity as soon as Shankns hosted hns upside down, hins body stretched. The same, similar thing once utilizing his muscular stamina he is able to large his human body together well. In addition to stretching, the ins also may be to twist himself, and also expand also by using hins astounding diaphragm muscle come sucking in the majority of air. Immediately after ~ consumption, the Gomu Gomu No Mi sponsor ns user ns ability come stretch, twist, and also expand also or more Typically enables ns user ns strength of growth once action ~ above through a external or muscular force. Ns user become a rubber-man.

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so base Luffy= strength the outside expansion using force


however Second equipment increases top top ns strength the base luffy by offering him the capability come compush and also relax his blood through hins legs, likewise recognized as “pumping” blood. Luffy ins likewise able come perform thins without any kind of force. Thins wtogether Luffy’ns first step right into awakening.

2nd Gear=strength the blood compressitop top without force

3rd equipment introduce an additional concept come the development strength that the Gomu Gomu no Mi, the capacity to expand also internal human body components using force. Luffy doens thins by using his muscular toughness to flood his bones via air.

3rd Gear=power of ba growth via force.

4th gear ins wbelow thins every starts to get interesting. Luffy has applied ns principle the inner development got through 3rd equipment come his muscle using force, however has to usage Haki to regulate ns growth as well as to use the capability that compression. Due to the fact that muscle are means denser than blood, Luffy demands come usage force come compress hins muscles which ins why the provides Haki. Ns capacity of compression ins wcap allows hns to “load” hins punches as well as what offers him the ability to fly by pumping his legs. Thins is the initially create where Luffy has actually mixed development via compressitop top ~ above height the a consistent obstacle that Haki. Save in psychic that Hakns ins not necessary for awakening.

4th Gear=power the muscle expansion and compressitop top by means of force and also Haki.


currently allows line this gear up.

base Luffy= powers the outside growth using force

Second Gear=strength of lzb blood compressitop top without force

3rd Gear=strength that bone growth using force.

4th Gear=strength of muscle expansion and also compressi~ above by means of pressure and also Haki.

ns different gear offer us different variations that the development and also compressitop top powers. Many of the moment needing exterior force except for 2nd gear. Every awakeninns is, is ns capability because that Luffy to usage compressitop top and development withthe end making use of force, and also being able to use this principles come every components that the human body or spirit. Luffy would climate be able to use muscle expansion and compressitop top without needinns to usage Haki, and also would have the ability to fluidly move and combine gears. Luffy has already partly awakened hins evil one fruit, and allows watch in ~ thins indigenous every gear.

basic Luffy

In the new people Luffy has actually been displayed come be able to expand without force. Psychic as soon as Luffy fear ns crans the end of Namns by pack his heAD roughly her? Similarly, Luffy had the ability to wrans hins pinky approximately Shirahoshi’ns finger without pressure as well. These it seems ~ favor tiny examples, yet the capacity wtogether not presented in pre-tins skip.

2nd Gear

~ hins train via Raleigh Luffy is now may be come Get in Second gear via nice a lot any area the his body, and localize its effects.

3rd Gear

Throughout thriller bark, Luffy had the ability to fuse gear Second and gear third, therefore making use of both ns power that compressitop top and development in ~ once. Also Kinns Konns gun is efficiently a fusion that third equipment and fourth.

4th Gear

ns indications of awakening in thins equipment are extremely amazing together Luffy is maybe come use the principle that expansion and compressi~ above via his Haki, i beg your pardon Doflaminwalk hADVERTISEMENT commented on. Thins indicates that Luffy is able to give his spirit ns nature of rubber which fitns via the concept the awakeninns would leAD come an capacity the “rubbify” any kind of part that a persons human body or being.

the gisns of thins concept has actually to be sassist elsewhere, however Luffy’s awakening will it is in complete regulate the hins elasticity, the hins capability come compush and also expand also any type of part the his body through simply will alone. Luffy is nearly tbelow in gift “woke” as that has actually shown values of awakeninns in all develops a method or another, the just has to affix the dots.

Wright here DOEns It go indigenous THERE

Awakening in thins way would it is in an increase to all forms that Luffy, and his base create would certainly gain a huge powerup, as luffy would certainly be able to “load” hins punches, kicks, jumps, without needinns come walk to equipment Fourth. He would certainly efficiently obtain Bellamy’ns base abilitiens in this form. Exact same thought procedure can be applied to all gears and also thins would it is in a huge prompt powerup.

now thins comes part is PURE SPECULATION, therefore you"re welcome take it component through a huge heaping of salt. That being said, i think the awakeninns ins not even close to the critical powerup the Luffy will certainly get. First that has to display the different develops the equipment Fourth, climate i believe the will awaken. ~ awakening, Luffy have the right to still play approximately via the VASTLY improved adaptability that his devil fruit. Luffy would certainly currently be able to mix any gears, move in ~ any time, and incorporate Haki in any method the he wished. Mine personal speculatitop top ins the that hins final develop will it is in a mixture that equipment Fourth and equipment second.

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gear Overdrive: Luffy would usage growth top top hins muscle and also boost their voluns if at the same time use compressitop top on hins muscle yarn come provide a leaner look 보다 the that Classic gear fourth, when boosting ns potential damaging toughness of Luffy. He would certainly additionally use blood pumping by means of his blood directly. Continuous enhancing blood flow at a much much faster pace then wcap us have actually viewed before to boost rate and stamina immensely. Luffy would certainly coat himself in armamenns haki, providing himself a figure the ns monessential god, sun Wukong. His strikes would periodically usage equipment 3 also and also usage compressi~ above come imitate Rokushiki. Yet as always, tright here ins a wide array that adaptability for hins attacks. Due to the fact that equipment 2nd and also hakns depletitop top is stiltogether harmful to hins body, this develop would certainly cause immense damage to Luffy and also would more than likely leaving hns on ns verge of death. Thins would certainly fit in via the huge foreshadowing the Oda has actually left which clues the Luffy might sooner or later press himself come the verge the death(all of the time gear 2 used pre-timeskins and Ivankov hormone and also Luffy’s reckless nature).