ns 1955 Track by Pete Seeger, that died top top january 28, 2014. The wtogether 94 years old. This is one of the Most acquainted Amerihave the right to people songs.Pete Seeger composed the initially three… ReAD More 
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Where have actually every ns flower gone, long time passing?Wright here have actually all ns flowers gone, lengthy tins ago?Where have every ns flower gone?Young girls have actually choose castle everyoneOh, when will castle ever learn?Oh, when will certainly castle ever learn?Wright here have actually all the young girls gone, long time passing?Wbelow have actually every the younns girl gone, long time ago?Where have all ns young girls gone?Gone because that husbandns everyoneOh, when will certainly castle ever before learn?Oh, once will certainly they ever before learn?Wbelow have actually every the husbands gone, lengthy time passing?Where have actually all the husbandns gone, lengthy time ago?Wbelow have all ns husbands gone?Ga for soldierns everyoneOh, when will certainly castle ever learn?Oh, once will certainly they ever learn?Where have actually every ns soldierns gone, long time passing?Wright here have every the soldiers gone, lengthy time ago?Where have actually all the soldierns gone?Ga to graveyards, everyoneOh, once will certainly they ever learn?Oh, when will lock ever learn?
Where have actually all ns graveyardns gone, lengthy tins passing?Where have actually all ns graveyardns gone, long time ago?Wbelow have actually all ns graveyards gone?Ga to flowers, everyoneOh, as soon as will certainly lock ever learn?Oh, once will they ever learn?
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the 1955 Song by Pete Seeger, that passed away on jan 28, 2014. The was 94 year old. Thins is one of the Most familiar American individual songs.

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Pete Seeger composed the first three verses.

the last two to be added in 1960 by Joe Hickerson, that do ins a “circular” song, returning in ns finish come the flower the were gone.

per Pete Seeger –

“among the students tright here hADVERTISEMENT a summer job as a camp counselor. The took ns Track come ns camp and also sang it come ns kids. It was exceptionally short. The provided it rhythm, i beg your pardon ns hadn’t done. Ns youngsters played about with it, singing ‘Wbelow have actually every ns counselorns gone? / open curfew, everyone.’“ns counselor included two actuatogether verses: ‘Where have actually all the soldiers gone? / Gone to graveyards eexceptionally a / Where have actually all ns graveyardns gone? / extended with flowers every one.’ Joe Hickerchild is hins name, and i give hns 20 percent the the royalties. The Tune still bring in countless dollarns native every roughly ns world. (from here).

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these last two verses hAD make ins a staple in anti war protestns in ns 60’s and also thereafter.