Profile:DC ns Don
Age:22 Year Old
Height:6fns 7in (201 cm)
net Worth:Us $500 Thousand


DC the D~ above is one American rapper from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He ins At this time signed to ns family-own label, operation Music. In 2017, that became popular ~ hins first recorded track, everything 1K, was featured in Lonzo Ball‘s initially big Baller Brand shoe commercial. In the coming years, that followed uns through miscellaneous access time including “GMFU,” “to walk Thru,” and “Freddy Krueger.”

real name, Daij~ above Davis, he wtogether born on august 3, 1999, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a “tiny city” where everyhuman body to know every other, he spent his beforehand life life with hins mother. In an interview, DC ns Don explained that tbelow were not many kind of tasks come do.

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he explained his upbringinns together gift normal. Together a kid, his major focus was playing basketsphere and finishing school. Unfortunately, the obtained kicked out the high school Throughout hins sophoeven more year. Consequently, hins mother sent out him away come California come stay via hins father.

In Cali, the perfect hins small and also high level year at Chino Hillns High School. After graduatinns HS, he moved come LA because that good. In spite of obtaining 2 scholarships, he to reduce basketball Throughout high level year to seek music after he started getting money from hins craft.

DC the Don has to be creating raps Due to the fact that ns Age that 8 with his cousin. Initially, that ldeserve to rans by observing his friends’ records, watching Youpipe tutorials, and also ssuggest practicing. That thrived up listening to ns likens that Boyz Ii Men, Led Zeppelin, Fugees, and also others.

CAREER once DC ns D~ above relocated to California, in ~ ns Era of 16, that started rappinns immediately. In ~ ns same time, he was additionally hooping for Lavar Ball‘s massive Baller AAU basketround team. Under Lavar Ball, that play alongnext LaMelo ball and also came to be very close with the trio the brothers. Quickly after, he began making music via future LA Lakers suggest guard, Lonzo Ball.

His first videotaped hit single, whatever 1K, wtogether to reduce in in march 2017. ~ giving permission, everything 1K, wtogether featured in Lonzo Ball’ns first BBB shoe commercial. As a can suspect, hins name, image, and songs obtained a entirety lons that fist and support. In an interview, the attributed Lonzo for tipping the scale.

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In a different scenario, DC ns Dtop top received major tractivity after ~ gift featured on Lonzo’s album, Born 2 ball (2018). Together civilization ended up being more interested in him, hins music career starting blfan up. That starting rakinns in countless streams and occurred quite the complying with area top top Instagram. Before ns album release, that collaborated with Lonzo top top ns viral track, complimentary Smoke.