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Wright here ins firefly clearing?

for this reason ns have actually a bounty in fireparis woodland at firefly clearing yet i have actually no clue where the is! ns would certainly appreciate a answer. Thanks!

Anonymous, Apr 9, 2019
prize from: Leoonce you go to that Key location that ns forest, tright here will it is in 3 route try every course till girlfriend experienced a deAD end, that"s ns place. There, friend migth not check out a moster, but if friend view a moster via a name top top it, that"ns ns a with the bounty.

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posted on: Apr 14, 2019

prize from: Captaini have a bounty native a trip-trons referred to as emuflace, and he"s in fireparis clearing. Ins ins in ~ the tree stump? Since ns went tright here and also ns can"t discover anything.

post on: Apr 19, 2019

price from: Melns still can"t discover fireparis clearing. All the pathways to be deAD ends. I stiltogether carry out not know wbelow firefly clearing is.

posted on: Apr 21, 2019

prize from: Alex Windbladei have a bounty to and ns have actually been eexceptionally where! can i have actually directions making use of ns namens the areas?

post on: Apr 30, 2019

answer from: GuestEmuflace is in ns edge of firefly clearing, witch is ns initially room to ns lefns that the tree. (at the stump go come the area to the left)

posted on: Apr 30, 2019

price from: GuestEmuflace is hiding behind a tree. Girlfriend simply must click near ns vendor (no ~ above him), and also that need to cons out. If thins doesn"t work, get closer to ns tree about the merchant.

post on: may 24, 2019

price from: DoggieHello ins ns ns male who has actually that significant wagon the one that her talking about?

posted on: Jun 1, 2019

prize from: JenI"m pretty certain Fireparis Clearing ins ns path come the bottom-left that ns Main area.

posted on: Jutogether 8, 2019

prize from: Megango to ns location via the fireparis vendor guy, and also keep goinns in the trees approximately him to fight Eliton. Friend acquire come Fireparis clear by the lefns route indigenous the Key place. Ns expect that clears it up.

posted on: Jul 18, 2019

answer from: caption JohnWbelow ins ns scally in ~ it says for mine bounty to get hns at firefly forest in fireparis clearing yet i wenns all over and also can"t find hns hins surname is Elisa

posted on: Aug 8, 2019

answer from: caption JohnFirefly clear is wbelow ns Main entrance ins and also if there is a bounty man climate hes beside the merchnns man but walk in ns tree hes in it.

post on: Aug 8, 2019

answer from: Hihihifriend sindicate must click roughly ns trees where ns firefly merchant is. If thins doesn"t work, go closer come ns trees. If THIs does not work, then you captured ins currently and also forobtained around it.

post on: Aug 8, 2019

answer from: strength Enormousthe scally is hidden in the tree the seller ins following to.

post on: Auns 13, 2019

prize from: Angryi make the efforts every tree. I didn"ns have the bounty lock to be talk about. And also i can"t even acquire bounty points. All of mine bounties are glitched.

posted on: Aug 17, 2019

price from: Spicyd00donce friend gain into ns Key area, relocate to ns left. Tbelow have to us one north Gap wbelow girlfriend can uncover the merchant. Store collecting fireparis to acquire rewardns from him.

post on: Sens 20, 2019

prize from: Dragon674If friend go to the pathmethod in left of the massive tree, click on the tree behind ns firefly merchant. Ns bounty monsters to be there.

posted on: Ocns 4, 2019

answer from: Helpns yes, really need directions, and also ns have to understand so i deserve to lastly gain 20 bounty points.

post on: jan 1, 2020

price from: Woodland Landonns have a bounty its a flikflins in firefly clear however i walk tright here itns not there

posted on: Mar 25, 2020

price from: Ellhaons know where fireparis clear is and mine bounty said the ins ins there yet when ns go ins does not show mine bounty in firefly clearing. Where is mine bounty in fireparis clearing?

posted on: may 6, 2020

price from: Super Cammiens try come find bounty in ns place you say, yet ins is no there.I"d choose answers.

posted on: might 6, 2020

price from: PineappleBroyes thins is how i did ins dudes. So first girlfriend walk to the left the the spawn. Then you go behind all the trees. You"ltogether uncover ins there.

posted on: might 11, 2020

answer from: Captain Brendani am looking anywhere and also ns stiltogether i do not know uncover firefly clearing ins it also a actual place?!?!

posted on: might 11, 2020

price from: Super Royso initially girlfriend need to turn left then there friend will see a vendor the requirements fireparis and also next to him tbelow is a blue tree and also click that climate a monster should pons right out.

post on: might 15, 2020

answer from: Ellie.i have the right to tell you were her bounty is. For this reason girlfriend walk come the man the needs firefly"s, climate girlfriend go next ns tree that ins beside ns male the need firefly"s, then girlfriend battle your bounty.

posted on: might 18, 2020

answer from: Calebi have actually a bounty in firefly forest his surname ins Jamutik and that ins in fireparis clearing and ns execute no wbelow he is

posted on: may 19, 2020

price from: Amyns have actually ns very same bounty together Captain, a expedition - trop named Emuflace. I do the efforts clicking near ns seller but he didnt come out. If girlfriend have any answerns ns would certainly apperteate it. Thanks!

posted on: may 29, 2020

prize from: Serge Fabrens checked out fireparis clearing yet ns bounty monster ins no tbelow ns bounty monster behind a blue-Green tree next to ns firefly merchant. To obtain there simply go lefns that wright here friend generate when you walk come the fireparis woodland and walk behind the blue-Eco-friendly tree to the ideal the the fireparis merchant.

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post on: Dec 4, 2020

prize from: AaronEmuflace is behind ns merchant thakns to ns webwebsite ins uncovered him!

posted on: Mar 15, 2021

prize from: chef Mollyi discovered Emuflace! many thanks a lot guys~ it"s surprise behind ns fireparis merchant. It"s name doens no pop up, therefore save clicking ns tree!

posted on: Mar 16, 2021

prize from: Anonymousit"s okay generate in ~ firefly woodland climate Go into the place where ns man gives girlfriend ingredient because that fireflies then go to the tree alongside him.

posted on: Mar 29, 2021

prize from: PersonBehind a tree near the seller that claims "collection fireflies for me" (girlfriend should walk with the route on ns left in fireparis forest to discover ns merchant)