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"Where Ins her God Now?" ins a popular catchexpression often supplied together a caption for cursed or menacinns imeras or images that depict somepoint defyinns ns Normal stimulate that things. The mens originates indigenous a famous YTMND pEra the ns Kinns native citizens Kinns advertisementns in ns 2000s. Ns phrase has also to be repurmake together the "Wright here Ins her X Now?" snowclone.

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the seasy changed version that the expression appears in city 7:10 of ns Publication the Micah the ns Old Testimony (seen below).<1>

then my foe will certainly see, and also dead will certainly cend her who sassist to me, “Wright here is the mr your God?” mine eyes will look at ~ above her; now sthe will it is in trampled dvery own prefer the mire that the streets.

the phrase "Wright here Is the lord her God?" ins Generally construed as "the enemy" (ns Chaldean) luring ns city that Jerusalem into questioning its belief in Jehovah as soon as Jehovah go not assist ns city as it was assaulted through the Chaldeans.<2><3>

Versions the ns phrase additionally appear in the Bible, in Torah and in a variety of Psalms, frequently shelp through Israel"ns opponents to ns human being that Israel about your God (shown below).<4>

my tear have actually to be mine food job and night, when they continuallied to speak to me, “Wright here ins her God?” (Psalm 42:1-3)

he will say: Wright here are your gods, your absent in whom castle trusted, which ate the fin ~ the their sacrificens and also dlocation ns alcohol that their drink offerings? (Deuteronomine 32:36-38)

In October 2004, a burger Kinns commerciatogether referred to as "wake Up for through burger King" premiered in the U.S. (displayed below). In ns commercial, a male wakes up to find ns burger King lying next to hns and also staring in ~ him.

top top in march 28th, 2005, YTMBD<5> user ilpadrino created a YTMND titled "Wbelow Is her GOD NOW?" the featured a stiltogether imPeriod that ns citizens King starinns in ~ ns man, captioned with ns phrase. The pAge obtained nearly 80,000 see in 16 years (stiltogether imEra shown below).



following the famous spreADVERTISEMENT the the YTMND page, the expression obtained famous popularity virtual in 2005, gift used in comment and imEra macros on 4chan, Fark and also Something Terrible (Instances presented below, left). The mens Initially acquired a strong association via the burgess King, through multiple memes in i beg your pardon the personality was offered in associate with ns catchexpression post online in 2005 and also 2006.<6><7> for example, top top may 8th, 2005, one cotton 4cha user started a threADVERTISEMENT title "Wbelow is her god, now?" in i beg your pardon he highlighted a similarity in between Luciano Pavarotti and also ns burger Kinns (presented below, right).


in between 2005 and also 2007, even more YTMNDs title or captioned through ns catchexpression or referencing ins in another way to be created. For example, ~ above October 25th, YTMND user MrCheez posted a YTMND<8> pAge based on a Photo of penguins staring in ~ a male in a penguin costume, titled "Where is your Penguin God Now?" the YTMND received over 25,000 see in 16 years.

~ above February 11th, 2011, a TV Tropens pAge because that "Wbelow Ins her X Now?" share phrase wtogether created.

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In popular Media

significant Examples that ns expression supplied in renowned media encompass a scene indigenous ns 2010 manga movie Toy Story 3 in i beg your pardon personality Lotfor this reason references ins through saying "Wbelow ins your child now, sheriff?" (shown below, left). In a 2012 episode, title "Valar Morghulis," the Game the Thrones, the personality Stannins Barathe~ above chokens character Melisandre and asks she "Wright here is your god now?" (scene presented below, right).<4>