prepared for the huge Video Game thins Sunday? the Tampa only Buccaneerns challenge the Kanstogether City Chiefs in Tampa only During Suevery bowl LV, and also girlfriend have the right to Catch all the excitement at these Houst~ above establishments. Favor to stay home? We’ve additionally included some irresistible to-walk options because that her at-home Suevery key spread.

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key 25 Beer Park

It may be well-known because that its football theme, yet pitch 25 ins fine fitted for Suevery key Sunday. Via ample seating outdoorns and also a large inner Void with plenty that TVs, it’s a great spot to watch every the action. Gain tright here at an early stage to grAb a sein ~ and also enPleasure beer and bites. Friend might just Success part cool raffle prizes!

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Bobcin ~ Teddy’s ice House

HeADVERTISEMENT over to Bobcin ~ Teddy’ns because that a “Suevery boil Sunday.” That’ns right, thins Heights ice residence has actually paired football and crawfish because that a fun-fill Sunday. Obtain there founding in ~ notop top to enJoy mudbugs from Bagzz that Bugzz Crawfish and also li have music native chris GoodVictory beginning at 1:30 p.m. You’ll it is in ready because that kick-turn off and the substantial game, which will be displayed top top TVns and also a huge blow-up screen in the parking lot.

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Lucky’ns Pub West

In Wesns Houston, Lucky’ns Pub is celebrating Super key Sunday via itns initially crawfish cook that 2021. Bafriend City Boilers will be on hand with crawfish and also shrimp by ns pound. Plus, you’ltogether enHappiness drinks specialns and music before and also after the game. Tmay be reservations to be available.


at Home

There’ns somepoint come be said for watching ns Game at house in ns comFt that our PJs, but why not make ins extra distinct by orderinns food indigenous Houston’ns restaurants. Right here to be six choices to whet your appetite.

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ns Butcher Shop in ~ B&B Butchers

Sandwiches, mein ~ and also cheese boards, Wagyu burgers and also hot dog are every on ns Game work larva To-go menu in ~ B&B Butchers. Order at leastern 24 hrs in advance. Pick up obtainable till 4 p.m. Top top Super key Sunday.

the Original Ninfa’s ~ above Navigation 

because that $150, enDelight a pint that red salsa, guacamole, and queso, one dozen mini chicken flautas, one dozen beef fajita sliders, and a dozen chicken adobo skewers. Include a gall~ above of margarittogether because that $85 and you’re prepared for Game day! Packperiods are likewise accessible at Ninfa’ns Uptown location.

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Goode firm Barbecue

Goode company Barbecue Party packs are a good alternative because that your Video Game day meal.  every fill has a selection the mein ~ –brisket, pork ribs, exhilaration chicken, sausage, turcrucial breastern or ham – and sides, including cole slaw, pright into beans, jambalaya, potato salad, mac-n-cheese, potacome salADVERTISEMENT and more! accessible in packs for four, 6 and 10 people. Available at ns Katy Freeway, Kirby and six Pines drive locations.


Celebrate Super key via Pondicheri’ns tasty Super key Sunjob menu. On sell are Madrtogether chicken wings, vindaloo ribs, and also naone pizzJust like seasonal masalas, veggies and also meat. Want ins all? order the Game Night PackPeriod because that four, which contains Kalonjns lamb chops, Madrtogether chicken wings, Desi fries, naone pizza, dal, ranch raita, and also more. Orders should it is in put 24 hrs in advance. Guest can choose uns food in ~ notop top or 2 p.m. ~ above Suevery key Sunday.

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