fear has always hADVERTISEMENT a role in music, probably Many Significantly in the rock and also metal genres. There have even been spin off sub-genres the music paying tribute come the fear films that inspired it’s creators; together as the fear punk scene popularised by the Misfits.

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but there’ns a couple of bands that have bring away their namens indigenous fear films. Here’s ten friend can no have well-known do perhaps ns biggest decisitop top of their music job based upon a love because that scarry movies. There’ns acquainted namens ~ above ns list, and also additionally a few girlfriend can have actually heard of the movin other words – however no necessarily the band. And tell us, if friend were in a band, wcap fear movie would certainly you take it it’ns surname from?


rock legends Black Sabbath to be called after an 1963 Italian-French horror movie directed through Mario Bava and also certification Boris Karloff.

my Bloody Valentine are an irish rock band also created in Dublin in 1983, called after ~ the slasher film the ns exact same name which remained in theatres 2 years prior.


inspired by the Lugosi film, taken into consideration a pioneer the ns zombie genre, rob Zombie and his band named themselves White Zombie.

ns Chons Tops was a rocker billy trio named after one of Leatherface’ns many type of brothers; that featured in Textogether Chainwitnessed Massacre 2.

Aiden to be an emo/fear band that have to have yes, really favored ns US Ring remake. They’re named after ns little bit young in ns movie, and supplied clipns indigenous ns movie in a number of the your recordings.

two Thousand also Maniacs!’ command through Herschell Gord~ above Lewis was the Second part that what fans have referred to as ‘ns Blood Trilogy.’ the band 10,000 Maniacs adjusted their surname from the splatter film.


fear rocker Wednesday 13 recommendations many kind of scary movie in his music. That called himself after spooky favourite Wednesday Addams.


Skraeckoedlan to be a stoner-rock band also who’ns name is the Sweefood location of the Beast native 20,000 Fathoms – one of the earliesns monster movies.

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no strictly a movie, yet we’re giving a point out to punk band A Wilhelm Scream. They’re named ~ the stock screaming sound effect that’s become something that one in-hoax in countless movies, including Poltergiestns Mist, 30 Dayns of Night and Kinns Kong.

teeth that the Sea to be a UK band who’s surname ins the French release location of Jaws