1. I beg your pardon NIMs monitoring characteristic consists of occurring and also issuinns assignments, plans, procedures, and also protocolns come attain tasks? 

 A. Modular Organization B. In-depth Reresource Management C. Manageable span that Control D. Management by Objectives

2. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is not a recommfinished characteristics because that occurrence objectives? 

 A. Measurmaybe and also attainable B. Includes a standard and also timeframe C. Stated in broADVERTISEMENT state to allow because that flexibility D. In accordance via the occurrence Commander’s authorities

3. I m sorry kind the briefinns is ceded to separation, personal, instance resources or crews who are assigned come opereasonable work and/or work-related at or close to ns incident site? 

 A. Field-level briefing B. Opereasonable period Briefing C. Section-levetogether briefing D. Staff-levetogether briefing

4. I m sorry event kind do this characteristics describe: some or all of the Command also and general staff to be activated and also department or group supervisor and/or Unins Leader positions, ns incident extends into multiple opereasonable periods, and a composed IAp is required? 

 A. Kind 2 B. Kind 5 C. Type 4 D. Form 3

5. Come ensure a smooth transfer, ns outgoinns occurrence command must carry out a ___________ come the brand-new event Commander.

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 A. Deliver that Command Briefing B. Situationatogether evaluation Document C. Perform the personnetogether staffing each Section D. Lessonns Ldeserve Report

6. NIMns gives a continual structure for occurrence management in ~ all jurisdictionatogether levels regardmuch less of the cause, size, or complexity of ns incident. 


7. Which variable does not influence the intricacy of an incident?

 A. Neighborhood and responder safety B. Price consideration the responding agencies C. Potential hazardouns materials D. Political sensitivity, external influences, and also media relations

8. One occurrence Commander’s sdeal with that authority is acquired from existing laws, company policies, and/or ______. 

A. Delegati~ above of Authority B. IMns position Description C. Occurrence action Plan D. Outgoinns incident Commander

9. Which NIMs management characteristics describes ns number of subordinatens the directly reharbor come a supervisor?

 A. Modular Organization B. Chain that Command also and also unity the Command C. Manageable expectancy the Control D. Management by Objectives

10. As soon as command ins transferred, climate all personnetogether involved in ns event must it is in told:

 A. Ns qualifications of the incoming incident Commander B. The incident Commander’s cell pha number C. Ns effective tins and day the the transfer D. The borders of the incident Commander’s scope that authority

11. As soon as an extra standard Human arrives ~ above scene, i m sorry statement finest defines what happens? 

A. The even more qualified Person instantly becomes ns new event command and assumes command. The outgoinns event command demobilizens to prevent confusion. B. The Emergency Operations center manager need to order a deliver of Command. C. The more default Human being become ns new incident commander in ~ the start of the following opereasonable period. D. Ns even more qualified Human being has choices based upon agency guidelines; this have the right to incorporate assuminns command, keeping command together is, or requestinns an extra default occurrence Commander.

12. I m sorry Command staff member approvens the incident action setup and every researches pertaining come ns ordering and also releasong that event resources? 

 A. Incident Commander B. Liaiboy Officer C. Publicly Indevelopment Officer D. Security Officer

13. Which occurrence kind requires neighborhood or nationwide sources via as much as 200 personnel per opereasonable period? 

 A. Form 1 B. Form 5 C. Type 4 D. Type 2

14. I m sorry of ns adhering to demonstrates a leader’ns commitmenns to duty? 

 A. Arising subordinates for the future. B. Stepping the end of a tactical duty to assume a management duty when needed. C. Ensurinns jobs are understood. D. Every one of ns above.

15. I m sorry incident kind calls for regional or nationwide resources, every Command also and general staff positions are activated, branchens to be activated, personnetogether may exceed 500 per operational period, and also a catastrophe explanation might occur? 

 A. Form 1 B. Form 4 C. Type 3 D. Type 2

16. The event Command also system (ICS) ins just applicmay be come large, facility incidents. 


17. I m sorry that this ins no a Device the you would certainly need in ~ ns incident? 

 A. Emergency Operation setup (EOP) B. Practice Plan C. Mapns the ns influenced area D. Firm measures Manual

18. I m sorry ICns Supervisory position title ins supplied in ~ the Division/group organizational level? 

 A. Officer B. Supervisor C. Leader D. Chief

19. Shared aid Agreements ________________________________.

 A. To be mandate in state and area emergency administration budgets. B. To be limited come the exadjust that resources between surrounding states. C. Basic their Aid on ns equivalent financial value of common resources. D. Aid agencies and also jurisdiction when existinns sources are inadequate.

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20. Ns incident Command system (ICS) is:

 A. A standardization administration Tool for conference the requirements the tiny or huge emergency or nonemergency situations. B. Most applicmay be to the management of complex events that extfinish end many type of hours or days. C. A military mechanism used in residential events come encertain command and regulate the commonwealth resources. D. A relatively brand-new method produced based on ns lessons learn native Hurricane Harvey disaster operations.