Chipa guazú (periodically spelled "chipa guasú") is just one of ns many type of ranges the chipa (breADVERTISEMENT or cake) consumed through Paraguayans. Ins is ready with new corn kernels, cheese, eggs, oil and also milk.

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Vori vorns de pollo is a delicious special chicken soup through cornmeal and cheese ballns the ins traditionallied offered During ns cold month in Paraguay.
a asacarry out ins a Timeless barbecue that ins famous in Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and also Uruguay, which consists that beef, sausages, and also various other meat the are slow-moving cooked on a grill, called a parrilla.
Bife koygua is a delicious Classic beef stew from Paraguay the ins ready via beef steak, onion, tomato, and spices.
Chupín de pescacarry out is a Timeless dish that Argentinian, Uruguayone and also Paraguayone cuisinens based on fish and also potatoes.
Argentinian milanesa ins a part of fried breaded beef, a Standard of southern American cuisine, and a sports the ns renowned Italione food veal Milanese.
Milanesa a la napolitana is a Typical dish the Argentinione cuisine consistinns the fried breaded beef topped via tomacome sauce, ham and mozzarella.
Payaguá mascada is a delicious Classic deep-fried Paraguayone cassava patty, that is ready with minced mein ~ and also scallions.
Puchero paraguayo is ns Paraguayone variation that a Traditional mein ~ stew the ins originally from Spain, and currently prepared in numerous countries throughthe end southern america and ns Philippines. Ns name comes from ns Spanish word, i beg your pardon means "stewpot".
Kivevé ins a Paraguayan speciality do via andai (Paraguayan squash), maize flours and queso paraguai. Ins ins a semi-sweens creamy pumpkin based dish, which has a structure and consistency in between the the a soup and purée, equivalent come polenta.
Mbejú is a Guaranns food that is famous in Paraguay and also north Argentina. This recipe, the ins prepared through tapioca flour, corn flour and cheese, is regularly offered for breakfast.
Sopa paraguaya is a deliciouns Classic cheesy cornbreAD native Paraguay, i m sorry ins prepared through corn flour, cheese, milk and onions. Ins is traditionally served through meat and soups.
Chipa ins a small Traditional cheese breAD native Paraguay, i m sorry is specifically spend Throughout ns Holy week before Easter. Chipaargolla ins the well-known ring-shame version.
Reviro ins a Timeless cooking recipes from ns Alto Paraná department of Paraguay. Ins is composed the a fried dough the ins damaged right into tiny croutons.
Tereré (ka"ay in Guarani), the nationwide droctopus of Paraguay, is comparable come a iced natural tea, other than ins is prepared through cold water insteAD that gift brewed with warm water, climate cooled.
Dulce de batata ins a well-known jelly-choose Paraguaya liquid do through puréed sweet potatoes. Ins is a basic and also irresistible sweet the can it is in offered as a aperitif, a snack or prefer part nativens do, even together a breakfast.
Dulce de lecthe (or milk jam), is developed through ns simmering that milk and also sugar. Ins is a really renowned ingredienns in Latin united states of america and also Spain.
Dulce de mamón ins a Classic desserns the Guarani origin, emblematic that Paraguay and Argentina cuisine that is ready with papaya and also sugar syrup.
Kosereva is a sweet desserns from Paraguay prepared through apepu sour oarray peels, sugar, and molasses. The kept oselection ring to be a mixture of sweet and sour, and are frequently served through themselves or with a next of soft cheese.
Pasta frola ins a deliciouns Traditional pie all set with quince or guava paste, that is renowned in Paraguay, but additionally in Argentina, Uruguay and also Greece.

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