i m sorry of ns adhering to statements ins true ? A) a element includes two or more compounds. B) a link includes two or even more elements. C) elements have the right to it is in damaged dvery own into simpler substances. D) distilled water is a pure substance that consists of just a element. 
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A) one aspect consists of two or even more compounds.

False. Compounds, by definition, save on computer two or even more elements, but facets contain just themselves.

B) a compound has 2 or more elements.

True. Ins ins ns definition of a compound.

C ) aspects have the right to be damaged down...

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A) an aspect has 2 or more compounds.

False. Compounds, by definition, save two or even more elements, but aspects save on computer just themselves.

B) a compound contains two or even more elements.

True. It is ns meaning of a compound.

C) aspects can be damaged dvery own into easier substances.

False. Aspects cannot it is in broken (actually, lock can be, however not by chemistry methods).

D) distilled water ins a pure substance that includes just a element.

False. Distilled water ins (relatively) pure, however it continues to be a compound. Distillati~ above ins a physical procedure which canno adjust compounds" composition.molecules of water, distilled or not, consisns the oxygen (a part) and also hydrogen (2 parts).

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