Wcap Tokyo Revengerns personality to be girlfriend Quiz

the new year 2021 has actually brought part new vibens with ins and also that course, part new contents that wtogether delay because of the situations in 2020. However, the wait wtogether fruitful and “Tokyo Revengers” became our Most favourite anime in 2021. We recognize that friend to be fascinated by it too and also many other anins fans prefer us do ins a great success as only ns initially episode grabbed a TRns that 7 the end the 10!

Literally, whatever in ns anins was perfect however aren’t friend curious to unveitogether i m sorry Tokyo Revengers personality to be you Most favor and also i m sorry Tokyo Revengerns character to be you??? Definitely, girlfriend to be desperate choose us then click begin to the Tokyo Revengerns Test! top top the various other hand, if girlfriend aren’t acquainted via Tokyo Revengers anime then no concerns Because there to be spoilers aheADVERTISEMENT and girlfriend can enJoy them before digging into ns Tokyo Revengerns Kin Quiz!


Time-traveling sounds thrillinns but us don’t recognize if we would ever be able to endure ins or not! However, ours protagonisns in Tokyo Revengers “Takemichi Hanagaki” ins the one that skilled it without also having actually any type of clue. After losing the love that hins life Hinata Tachibana, Takemichi hADVERTISEMENT no control and also wtogether diverted native own self. A day, standinns alongside the submethod track, Takemichi wtogether puburned by someone and also insteAD that gaining killed, that traveled twelve year back.

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back in his high school years, Takemichi was can not come fathom ns fact but hADVERTISEMENT a missi~ above that wregarding save his girlfriend. That Further saves a tiny kid from bullies and also the boy turned out come it is in Naoto Tachibana. Naoto speak Takemichi that that is Hinata’s brother, though the wtogether a tiny boy however Takemichello warns hns around the future and also fatality that hins sisters and asks hns to conserve hins sister. Together shortly together both shoyes hands, Takemichello went earlier to the future wbelow he found that he no die in ~ ns subway…

how well do girlfriend know Tokyo Revengerns plot? If friend recognize every little thing about ins other than because that ns reality the wcap Tokyo Revengerns personality are you? aid yourself with ns Tokyo Revengers Kin test and also discover out!


Tokyo Revengers - Ken Wakui

exactly how a lot do friend recognize about Tokyo Revengerns characters? let’s rise our passionate via the ideal characters in the anime before comment ns Tokyo Revengerns Triby means of Quiz.

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichello is an amazing character as a result of ns reality the 2 parts of hins life to be depicted in ns anime. One wtogether as soon as that is presented life a dultogether and sorrowful life because of ns reality the his only girlfriend Hinata passed away in addition to she brother. Takemichello has actually loved her even more 보다 anyone Since he no have actually many kind of human being in his life. In his 2nd phase the life, Takemichi is a younns heart via energy and spark yet is constantly modest and suppressed by all.

he ins ns one that is constantly bconsumed through his seniorns while never even urgens to fight; however, when Takemichi travel back in the past, his personality took a great U-turn. The no just combated because that himme but because that others together well, for instance, Naoto. This a great deed finished him gift alive as Naoto saves hins life after twelve year and also ended up being successful in hins life.

Takemichello has actually phenomenatogether abilitiens but the best one is that the have the right to travel in the past and also future yet only by shakinns hand with Naoto. A thing precious noticinns ins that he deserve to only take a trip twelve year earlier perhaps it’s Because he no recognize how to control, or hins strength have part limits. Moreover, he possesses extrasimple abilities that combin ~ and endurance together that ran even though he was shot in ns leg. By the way, we thsquid the he is rather similar come Boruto, do friend agree? If yes, take it this Borucome following Generations Quiz too!

Ken Ryuguji

Ken is among twater tap that make the “Tokyo Manji Gang”. This gang play a major role in the story if Ken ins its vice cream president. That is a cool-looking dude through hins blonely hwait shave indigenous ns political parties and also the lengthy brassist made with hair in ns middle.

Undoubtedly, the ins exceptionally i was sure and brave if his fights with othair to be amazing to watch. A Human being who Ken loves ns Most is Mikey for this reason whoever messes via Miessential actually messes through him! So, i beg your pardon TY character are you?

Naoto Tachibana

Naocome is a gentleman, despite you see hns in hins teen years or once he grows into a handsome, intelligent, and also clever before detecti have in the crins department that Tokyo. Us have to to speak that he lookns rather attrenergetic in his detective unicreate if part fans think that hins school child watch wtogether cuter!

the time Due to the fact that he wtogether warned by Takemichello about his and his sister’ns fatality (when the time-traveled), Naoto worked hard come no only end up being a better Human being however a stronger a to conserve his sister. Now, gift in a authoritative position he has actually access to confidential indevelopment i m sorry is why he ins maybe to assist Takemichi.

the Most interesting point about Naoto ins that that is the gateway because that Takemichi. Didn’t acquire it? Takemichi can not tins travel without shakinns hand with Naocome and also Naoto ins ns just Human being who to know around his unique ability.

Hinata Tachibana

Yes, friend are right! She is ns girl around who ns whole story is revolving! Honestly, Takemichello correctly fell for Hinata as she looked quite in her high school year while in her adulthood, sthat has end up being even more attractive and also appears like a beauty beauty goddess.

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not just from the outside, but Hinata ins beautifutogether from ns within as well. Sthat is a brave and also Positive girl who never before lets dvery own anyone and also ins always tbelow to assist her friends and love ones. Thins ins ns reason why Takemichello is prepared come walk come any type of level because that her! Sthat ins the a who teach Takemichello and also she brvarious other Naocome come never before offer uns in any kind of situation.


hurry and also discover i m sorry Tokyo Revengerns personality perform friend kin before friend lose this amazing chance!!!