i recognize Kal pen wtogether leavinns the present come occupational for Obama, yet i thought ns suicide story line wtogether weak. Not the he killed himself, however tright here was no wind up to ins - ins come out the nowhere. If ns principle wregarding journey home stunner (together ns rest that Seakid 5 play out) why no have actually home perform something the journey Kutner to suicide - screwinns up a diagnosis or something - that would have actually make residence feeling guilty (a la Amber dying b/c sthe saw choose hns up at ns bar). Alternatively, they might have actually simply written hns out as leavinns ns hospital, like, ns Amber ingredient would certainly have to be sufficient ~ above itns very own come make home walk over ns leaf (no to point out the methadone the began taking). Finish rant.

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i appreciated the real-life leschild the ns signs of self-destruction aren’t always obvious. I recognize some folks check out it together a cons out, but ns deserve to atcheck from individual experience that ins yes, really happens.

Ins does make ns wonder, though. If McCain hAD winner the 2008 election, or if Obmay be hADVERTISEMENT picked someone rather for that spons Katogether penn got, i wonder just how ns “house shedding his mind” arc would certainly have actually involved be??

i felns the very same as ns ons in ~ initially and then ns realized the yes, civilization commit self-destruction out that nowhere. My frifinish freshly walk thins and ins wtogether for this reason shocking to everyone.

no really true. Ns simply rewatched seachild five and they drop plenty the hints. In ~ one allude he claims the end according to that he's ns type the Person that would never commins self-destruction (if ns remember right, that startns a conversati~ above around suicide through Taub). Then there's that a illustration wright here he goens come apologize to someone he bullie throughout high school, i beg your pardon shows the ns previous ins weighing on him. He is also too many friendly with hins colleagues and tells lock repeatedly that he'ns tright here if castle ever should talk around anything, and also lock every bsirloin ins off.

There is plainly a buildup in retrospect, it'ns just much more ethereal than anypoint rather the happens on thins show.

no that the killed himself, yet tright here was no wind as much as ins - ins come out the nowhere.

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Uhh I'm quite certain castle to be trying come do a point via that. Suicide come the end of seemingly "nowhere" a lot, the majority that the time ns reckon. If some world do Many not just teltogether somea "yes I'm gonna kill myself now"

that’s the allude ins wtogether intended come it is in unexplainmay be Because house thought that every little thing hADVERTISEMENT one explanation


House, one acerbic contagious illness specialist, solves medical puzzles through ns help of a team of younns diagnosticians. Flawless instincts and untypical thinking help earn residence good respect, Regardless of hins brutatogether honesty and antisocial tendencies.