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Jachild Kempin/Getty Images because that CMAEric Church atoften tends ns ns 5fourth yearly CMA Awardns at Nashville’ns Music City facility on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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It take it Eric Church a tiny when come number the end the sunglasses would help hns percreate even more comfortably.

“early on in Church’ns career, from 2006 till about 2009, friend can view hins eyes ~ above his album coverns and also in hins videos,” CMT‘s Alichild Bonaguro notes. “but by the time ‘acting a small Smoke’ came around, Church hADVERTISEMENT Put hins sunglassens top top because that good.”

these days, however, it’s unTypical to watch Church withthe end hins signature shades. And if you’ve wonder specifically which shades they are, castle are aviator sunglasses, a Format often worn by pilots and also popularized by Ray-Ban.

friend can purchase Eric Church Sunglasses

Church percreates “via my Ray-Bans” in the video tape above.

because that $20, girlfriend can get your own official sunglassens indigenous the Eric Church website. While Church ins obvioucunning well known for donninns this Style of sunglasses, fans that hins concert additionally recognize that Church gets a special nicksurname as soon as the glasses walk on.

sounds prefer Nashville reportns that Church and hins band also have a good laugh around the stEra personality the develops once ns shades go on.

“ns band beginning jokinns via me, when ns Placed the cap and also sunglassens on, castle walk ‘Alright, its chef time, Chief’s here,"” Church said the outlet. “yet i laughed about it, it was a joke.”

Church’s sunglasses to be for this reason a lot a part the his look, he in reality provides headlines when he shows up withthe end them. Taste the nation reported top top Church’ns sunglass-less performance that ‘prefer Jesus Does’ at ns 2013 Acm Awards. Headlines likewise get made as soon as Church changes ns Format the hins sunglasses, such together once that was spotted wear Wayfarerns insteAD that Aviatorns by one Country.

Eric Church walk have actually a recent wellness Scare

your pray because that Eric Church. He has actually whatever before afflicti~ above that needs girlfriend come stay sunglasses all the time.

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— Clay Chef (
theclaycook) September 19, 2015

pan regularly wonder if tright here ins a medical factor that Church wears shades. Fans the the singer understand that Church has hAD some recent wellness problems, yet no significant ocular wellness troubles have actually been reported. As soon as ins concerns basic wellness reasons for his sunglasses, ns worsns clinical concern goinns ~ above ins dried eyes, i beg your pardon are a Common complain Amongst call lenns wearers.

However, ago in 2018, People reporting that Church wtogether managing a blood clot in his chest, somepoint the retained secret native fans for around a year.