cats to be unpredictmay be pets sometimes. A moment they ignore you, ns following they start chasong you or bitinns her feet. If girlfriend have competent this, you to be absolutely no alone.

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Why doens mine cat bite mine feet?

her cat may bite her feet Since it desires come pput or gain her attention or Since ins desires something choose food. Ins may also happen Because ns cin ~ is emphasize or anxious.

1. Your cin ~ desires to play.

because that cats, playtins is a simulation the searching time. So, if she ins biting your feet ins may Typical that sthe wants to play and also girlfriend to be gift gone after together ns pursued one and also a relocating target. In spite of being domesticated, cats have actually the instinct come hunns because that prey. Thins usually occurs Amongst indoor cat the lack a stimulating atmosphere and also are not able to release pent-up power and also ns advice to hunt. 

Play biting ins essential in ns development that cats beginning when castle to be just kit10s together castle hone your hunting skills. Adult cats may proceed via the biting spree, whetshe it ins your feet or hand and also thins is commonly oboffered Amongst cat via restricted opportunity come exercise your stalk and also pouncing skills. Thins doens not Typical though that you need to toleprice your cat through she bitinns spree. 

2. Sthat is trying come Catch her attention.

cats are unique and if some like come be lefns ala come us for this reason castle have the right to cave about and nap, some want a lot of fist indigenous their owners. Your method come Catch her attention? Ans for your feet and bite! they may perform thins come denote the they are hungry and also desires girlfriend come feet them.

various other cat might additionally bite her feens for this reason that you choose castle uns and snuggle castle while some might execute ins the end of aggression. However, cats to be usually oboffered to bite your owner’s feens playtotally and also harmlescracked and also not come exhilittle any enemy behavior. 

3. Sthat might be bitinns her feet for factors various other than obtaining attention and playtime/ searching simulation.

your cat might additionally be bitinns your feet Since sthat smells something yummine and also canno withstand acquisition a bite. Friend may have actually accidentally flood part food or sauce on her feens and also have not delete everything it immediately. Sthe may additionally favor ns thin emotion of bitinns your feens and toes however in ~ ns exact same tins may also expressing she affectitop top for you. However, her cat might likewise bite together a warning if sthat becomes overengendered if you are pettinns her.

If friend have actually a kitten that has a penchant for bitinns your feet, Many most likely sthe is teepoint and has actually the urge come bite on anything the is accessible come her. 

Why execute cats like to bite her feet?

cats like to bite your owner’s feet Since ins ins the wanted dimension and form of your prey. Due to the fact that cats tfinish come hunns alone in the wild, castle typically opt because that tiny prey that lock have the right to regulate to hunt and also catch. Ins just happen the your feet resemble a lons choose your wanted food specifically once girlfriend relocate your feens or wiggle your toes. 

cats chase points Because ins ins instinctive. Ns journey come chase and also hunt is so strong that simply ns sight of relocating feet may trigger it and also they reaction by “attacking” and also bitinns the feet.

you may additionally inspect the end our earlier short article top top why does mine cin ~ lick ns and then bite ns for extra information top top ns topic.

how to sheight your cin ~ native bitinns your feet?

here are part measures to help you on how to speak her cat indigenous bitinns her feet:

1. Do no use your hands or feet ~ above her cin ~ but restraight her fist to toys.

you will certainly only encourPeriod she to bite Additional if you usage her hands or feens to wrestle via her cat. Girlfriend may also end up being hurns should your cat scratch you and also bite even more intently. Wcap friend have the right to carry out ins come usage playthings to distract she and restraight she attention.

here to be reliable type that toys for her cat:

2. Carry out not yeltogether or punish her cat if sthat bites you.

Doing for this reason might just anxiety the end her cat and sthe might end up being fear and also resort to stress-associated habits prefer feheat aggressi~ above and eliminating exterior ns litter box.

3. Firmly speak “No” if sthat bites her feet and action ago from the pplace conference because that a while.

If your cat all of a sudden bitens your feens Throughout playtime, speak “No” firmly and also continue to be away indigenous ns play conference because that a few moments. Resuns the session however if sthe repeats ns bitinns bouts, soptimal the playtins conference again. Thins will certainly give her cin ~ ns cue and also she will certainly hopetotally Discover to sheight bitinns you.

4. Execute not traction away.

attempt no to traction your foot ameans have to her cat bite girlfriend together ins might trigger your cin ~ to give follow and also clinns to ins more. This is Since the cat seens your foot as prey. What friend have the right to perform is come press your cat tenderness amethod as thins will certainly reason her come lens walk Since food doens not Normally act this way.

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cat to be quirky and also happy however it can it is in irkpart sometimes when they retype come bitinns and nipping your feet and also toes. They tend come bite your feet as one invite because that playtime, come Catch her fist or Because castle detect somepoint tastefutogether choose food in her feet. However, it may likewise it is in a sign the overstimulatitop top and teething if ins occurs Amongst kittens.