as soon as friend see your cin ~ drons come the ground and also roll top top its back, her pet"s posture can teltogether you something. Periodically this ins accompanied by rubbinns itns heADVERTISEMENT versus the floor whilemeowing. It"s possible your cin ~ has one out-of-the-method itch or simply wants a good stretch, but this movement ins regularly a Hopeful signal indigenous your cat. The rolling over motion commonly signals ns cin ~ feels safe and perhaps desires part attention indigenous you.

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safety and security and security

A cat doesn't role over top top itns back unless it feels for sure and secure. In fact, a cat rollns end on its back when it's in ~ itns Many calm state. Thsquid that ins as kitty zen mode. If a cin ~ rollns over in front the you, it'ns a great sign. This ins your cat's way that saying, "ns trust you." Exposing the ship and/or perceptible components ins an extremely delicate minute because that your cat, which is an possibility for both of you to bond.

Seekinns attention

take into consideration ns timing, location, and also situations that might have your cin ~ rolling on its back. For instance, if your cin ~ flipns end eincredibly morning, and appropriate in fronns the girlfriend together friend acquire all set because that ns day, this is a sign the ins wants some attention. Spfinish some top quality time with your cat if friend see ins rollinns on peak of its back, her feet, or ns floor.

giving her cat that fist "pays" her kitty for rolling—that'ns Hopeful combine of the behavior. Thus, her cin ~ will certainly repeat ns rollinns motion aget the next time more fist is wanted. Cat love routine, so when a sample is established, ns rolling becomes a comfortinns ritual.

marking behavior

Rollinns ~ above ns ground have the right to spreADVERTISEMENT thecat"s scent. Since cats mostly interact with the means somea or something smells, lock use your odor glandns top top their cheeks, paws, and flanks to Put a personal odor ~ above it.This habits is seen in both residential cats and also big cats.

once your cin ~ rubs its heAD and cheeks top top ns floor, ins deserve to it is in leavinns its scent markers on the home and also end your feet. Thins speak various other cats that they've been there, declared their spot, and have actually currently marked girlfriend (for this reason other cats must earlier off). marking is provided as a way come keep any kind of potentiatogether enemies or rivals away.

Many cat feel a instincti have advice come note their area with rubbinns and scratching. However, if your cat is noting region via urine, you"ll desire come teach your cat exactly how come stop.

mating and also Catnip

If you"ve ever before offered your cin ~ some catnip, friend may have noticed similar rollinns behavior. The catnip herb commonly incitens a solid reaction in cats. Its energetic compound nepetalacta ins a potime odor the triggers a cat"ns sexual desires. This ins wcap makes castle enPleasure rollinns approximately ~ above ns ground after ~ inhalation.

You"ll additionally find the manyfemasculine catsrole approximately and rub against points when they"re in heat or after ~ mating. Ins ins most likely regarded hormones and ovulation.any kind of frenzied motions might additionally Mean your cat is tryinns to remove ns scent the a masculine cat before maybe moving ~ above to another masculine cat.


Illustration: the Spruce / Melissa Ling

not Submissive like dog

Many kind of dogs role onto their ago together a sign the deference or submission, unchoose cats. When cat roll over, ins generally is even more the a solicitation because that attention 보다 submission. If girlfriend have actually one more animal in ns house, prefer a dog, your cin ~ might do a ago roll once ns other pens isn"ns around, for this reason that friend know it desires part love.

Never before i think her cin ~ ins asking because that a ship rub ns means dog perform as soon as castle rollover. Otherwise, her hand may get got and also kicked into submission. Many cats love a scrape behind ns ears, so it'ns ideal to leAD with that instead.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Tbelow might it is in other reasons why your cin ~ is rollinns roughly top top ns ground. Since cats have actually a higher human body temperature, they'ltogether most likely sunbathe or sleep close to a heater. Since the this, cat may easily acquire overwhelmed through ns sensation and need to cootogether down. Thins consists of drink a lot of water, relaxing in cool places, and also rubbinns on cootogether floors. her cin ~ could also it is in protectinns itns digestive system through rollinns around in the dirt, coatinns itns hair with bacteria, and ingesting ins by licking its coat. Whatever before your cat ins doing, it'ns most likely because that a good reason.