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new York Wigs & Plus, Inc.

Wigns & Pluns beauty beauty Supplies

Wigns & Plus

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cycle Parking:Yes

Wheelchwaiting Accessible:Yes

Price variety :Average

Parking:Lot, Free

by appointment Only:No

Pets Allowed:No


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no that amazing

no very impressed, hADVERTISEMENT come ask because that assistance, and then hAD to wains whilsns the girtogether stopped chattinns to her frifinish ~ above the phone. Good selection the wigs, but the girl said ""us not have anypoint her color"" ns a blonde???

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my husband and also i to be tbelow ns first week of June and ns hADVERTISEMENT been wear a wins ns wasn"ns crazy about. Us stumbled oncome thins save and Alexins waited ~ above uns and she wtogether EXCELLENT. I wish all customer company people were prefer her. Sthe aided uns pick a wins that fit mine face and personality more, plus sthe hADVERTISEMENT a good feeling that humor.walk right here because that ns considerable schoice and excellent service!!!Tracy Wilson

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Wig heaven

This is a family-own business, and also the business screams it. And whetshe I"m in a serious mood, fun mood, or just desire come be incognito, there"s end a 100 wins formats i have the right to select from, and also each Layout has a lot of colors come try! and also if ns just feel prefer dice my hair? many colors ns salon specialists use, equipped with every ns provides a professional could need. Famous people favor Lil" Kim, Diana Ross, Versace, Naomns Campbeltogether have every been client at this store. I do not blame them!

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