hey, ns lefns ns homegroup that mine lapheight automaticly Placed me in in ~ ns Original startup. And currently when i try come make one it simply constantly claims "windows canno setup a homegroup on thins computer." and wont lens me go any type of farther. 2 various other laptops are top top windows 7 top top ns network. Both the castle have actually exited your homegroups. Ns top top win7 house premium 64. Ive rone ns troubleshooter and ins no knowjust how come solve it(not surprized). I have disabled and re-enabledns homegroup solutions and Several of the Peer-to-peer servicesanya recognize what ns have to carry out come settle this?

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responded ~ above December 22, 2010
In reply to glitchhawk'ns post on December 22, 2010


friend might inspect if every the below offered Setups are permitted effectively -

action 1:examine because that ns workgroup -

a. Open up mechanism by click ns Start button, right-click Computer, and climate click Properties.b. Ns workgroup surname ins presented under C omputer name, domain, and workteam settings.

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If compelled readjust the Setups for the workteam accordingly. Describe eth below link because that Help -


action 2:

ns network area can no be set come Home. Hometeam only functions on residence networks. Come readjust your network-related location, follow these steps:a. Open Network-related and sharing center by click the Start button, and climate clickingmanage Panel. In ns search box, typenetwork, and also then click Netoccupational and also share Center.b. Click occupational network or publicly network, and also then clickhouse network.

step 3:

Network discovery ins turned off. Come revolve top top network discovery, folshort these steps:a. Open advanced share Setups by clicking ns Start button, and also then clickingcontrol Panel. In ns find box, typenetwork, click Netjob-related and share Center, and then, in ns left pane, clickadjust progressed sharing settings.b. Click the chevr~ above to expand also ns house or Work netjob-related profile.c. Click turn on netoccupational discovery, and also climate click conserve changes.If you"re motivated for one administrator pasknife or confirmation, form ns password or administer confirmation.

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friend might additionally refer to the below web links if required -



expect thins helps.

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