"ns want my patients to understand i genuinely treatment around them. I strive to aid my patients attain a healthy, happy smile via a gentle thorough approach. A healthy, beautiful smile ins a wonderful asset."

personal fist / professional Excellence

"i to be fortunate to have a fantastic teto be through my side to assist ns achieve mine goal the providing friend with personalized treatment the exceeds your expectations. Our teto be is committed to providing high-quality dentisattempt the keeps ours patient smiling because that a lifetime. Us enHappiness giving you through all the contemporary solutions friend require in a comfortable, serene atmosphere. We effort to rerelocate the negative feelingns girlfriend might have concerning dental therapy and us continuallied occupational to execute whatever before we have the right to come do you feel ideal at home in our office."

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"together a dentist, i continuous attempt to improve myme and my technological skills. I desire come care for my patients' needs and do sure girlfriend receive ns Most helpful and satisfying care; the type of treatment you deserve. I enJoy meeting and interacting with patient and also i look forward to offer and working via girlfriend come produce a beautiful laugh that lasts a lifetime."


Doctorate of dentist Medicine, University of Florida college the Dentistry - Gainesville, FL

Bachelor that scientific research in Biology, Florida global College - Miami, FL

continuing education and learning & professional Memberships

Dr. Garcia is a Certified Invisalign Provider. The ins also a member the ns American college student dentist combination and also the Florida dentist Association.

Tracy Lopez, DMD


mine missitop top ins to aid improve ns lives that others. We every deserve come be able to eat, speak, and laugh without discomFort or feeling self-conscious. We additionally every deserve come have wellness treatment professionals listen to ours concerns and also take it us serious withthe end making uns feeling guilty or embarrassed. Practicing dentisattempt ins a exorbitant gifns the enables me to spend the work functioning via patients and also our tremendous teto be come construct personalized plans come improve our patients" lives.


University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida

College that Florida university of Dentistry – Gainesville, Florida

proceeding education and learning & experienced Memberships

Dr. Lopez repetitively looks for the end proceeding education and learning opportunities to remain approximately day top top the Most progressed modern technology and methods in the industry. She is a member that ns Amerideserve to dental association and Florida dentist Association.

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Life & Hobbies

In her cost-free time, Dr. Lopez enjoys reading, dancinns and traveling.

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