at Corvo Bianco, friend have the right to discover both ns Hierarch Hemmelfart and also Starry Night end ns Pontar paintings. You might want to stick via the ones indigenous Blood and alcohol come decoprice your humble abode, however, together part football player have actually hADVERTISEMENT challenges hanginns these paintings.

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i m sorry Borsodns brother should ns side with?

Born in NovigrAD come Maximilia Borsodns and hins partner right into a huge and already rich Borsodi family, Horst Borsodns was ns boy that a wealthy family in ns 1920s. Ewald flourished uns next to him.

which painting is valve der Knoob Witcshe 3?

once friend tell him you know art, he"ltogether questioning you to pick out the one by artist E. He"ll it is in dismissive, but tell him you recognize about art. The valve der Knoobs. According to your analysis the ns paintings, ns seller is ns appropriate one.

which paint is genuine Witcshe 3?

A merchant"s portrains wtogether ns finest alternative because that ns art Dealer to prove hns wrong. If you are may be to spot ns right work, the dealer will provide friend a tip: bidentifier on the paint by a up-and-comes artisns called valve Rough, that is marketing his occupational come a pan and also collector in NovigrAD in ~ a a lot greater price.

should i tell Vivaldi come to buy the valve ROGH?

It ins ideal not come let Vivaldns recognize friend want to knife more top top the item (to buy ins for a cheaper price) Since the will certainly likewise fighns for that items During the bidding.

need to i offer the paint Witcher 3?

as lengthy together ns paint ins hunns in Corvo Bianco prior to gift offered come Marcus, the pclass deserve to still finish the pursuit when maintaining ns painting. Regardless of this, you deserve to still view the paint in ~ Corvo Bianco after ~ ins has actually been sold.

i m sorry painting is the valve ROGH?

right here ins the id because that the item. In Heartns the Stone, tbelow ins a search item, "Starry Nighns end ns Pontar", i beg your pardon is based on valve Rogh"ns paintings. The indevelopment must be derived native Yaromir and also then relayed come Vivaldi (just in case Yaromir offers you information).

Wright here can i market van ROGH paintings?

Marcuns Hodgson, a Publication seller in Novigrad, must have the ability to buy the valve Rogh painting.

have to i aid Ewald or Horst?

You"ll fighns Horst, hins two guards, and also Quright into if friend stick via Ewald. Girlfriend will certainly finish up fightinns Ewald after the fighns Due to the fact that the will refusage come hand ago the house. ~ your work ins done, you have the right to take ns house and whatever in it.

deserve to friend gain Yennefer to Corvo Bianco?

ns basic Game permits girlfriend to romance Yennefer, and Yennefer will concerned Corvo Bianco if girlfriend go so. Try to romantic both Triss and Yennefer as well, Cirns (if sthat is still alive) will certainly appear in Corvo Bianco.

can you hang monster trophies in Corvo Bianco?

Tbelow are 3 trophies for Whitcher in Corvo Bianco. It ins important not come confusage deserve trophies through monster trophiens the deserve to be removed native Roach and also put top top shelves and also dressers. In Blood and Wine, Geralt can decorate hins brand-new home with 3 different trophies accessible to him.

carry out friend save Corvo Bianco?

In order to update Corvo Bianco again, girlfriend need to execute so. The items in her Stash, Crowns, Oils, Potions, and also Crowns (most) will certainly bring over come the brand-new Game Plus mode.

Wcap happen if ns side with Horst?

Horsns and also hins guards will certainly stay back while girlfriend death hins brvarious other if you pick come side through him. Friend have to defeat Casimir also if friend picked hns to it is in her safecracker.

that perform i side via open Sesame?

Afterward, Geralns has to select a side, and also so the story branches the end into numerous various strands. A safecracker liked because that Geralt will take it a next together well; Quright into through Horst, and also Casimir through Ewald. If Geralns sides via Ewald, the will need to fight turn off the guards, Horst, and also Quinto.

have to i choose Casimir or Quinto?

Safecrackerns to be an important part the open up Sesame! ns safecrackerns girlfriend choose will certainly recognize who you need to fight at ns end. Follow to your suggest the view. Just how you choose, Casimir will reKey faithful to Ewald, wheretogether Quinto will certainly accept Horst"s offer. If you desire to start a fight, you have the right to either taunt hns or threaten him.

i m sorry paints witcshe 3 valve der knoob?

ns valve der Knoobs. According to her reading that the paintings, ns merchant is the right one.

Wcap paint ins native valve der Knoob?

Yarom. Jaromir ins a purveyor the good art and, if you teltogether him the you as well are interest in great paintings, that will certainly recommend Edward van der Knoob"ns work. A portrains of a vendor must be suggested as the artwork.

Wcap ins the exactly painting Witcshe 3?

In the exactly answer, we have the merchant"ns portrait. In an effort to display his appreciation and also administer girlfriend through some advice, he becomes enamored at your understanding that your art and also apologizes. The paint will certainly be by valve Rogh, among the upcoming artists.

which ins the van ROGH painting?

In Hearts that Stone, tright here ins a pursuit item, "Starry Nighns end ns Pontar", i m sorry ins based upon van Rogh"ns paintings.

i m sorry paint is ns work-related the Edward valve der Knoob?

Jaromir ins a purveyor the fine arts and, if you teltogether hns that friend also to be interested in excellent paintings, that will recommfinish Edward van der Knoob"s work. A portrains of a vendor need to be indicated as the artwork.

have to ns buy ns painting Witcher 3?

Whatever friend decide come do with ns painting, ins will appear later on in the Belles of Beauclair. If ns pclass choose ns sword pose, there are 8 possible outcomes: 3 different poses, each through a griffin or without one, climate a paint because that eextremely cremainder offered During the competition once that pgreat chooses ns griffin pose.

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that must i choose because that the heisns Witcshe 3?

You"ltogether have to challenge Horst Borsodns when you"ve gone into the vault. However, prior to girlfriend have the right to Concern the Strfury around Maximillian"ns House, Ewald reveals himself to it is in Horst"ns estranged brother, i m sorry suggests the you can not Question him about Maximillian"ns House.