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join Dorothy and Co. And also lock journey down the Yelshort Bstack RoAD in ns find the ns exorbitant magician of Oz. This Walnut Theatre version the musical, based upon ns beloved movie, wtogether first adapted by john Kane for ns royal Shakespeare Company. Ins functions every ns Classic songs girlfriend know and love, including "end the Rainbow", "We"re turn off come see the Wizard" and also "Follow the Yelshort Brick Road". One above piece that Amerihave the right to pop culture, the magician the Oz never stops working to Delight ns whole family

the story, as everyone knows, adheres to farmgirl Dorothy and her belove dog Tocome that uncover us in ns magicatogether land also that Oz after gift swept up in a tornado. Tbelow is one man that may have the ability to assist she rerotate home come Kansas - the fabled wizard the Oz, that lives in Emerald City...



opened night: 8 November 2016

run time

2 hours and also 45 minutes

and before girlfriend soptimal reading

Images to be bring away indigenous ns national tourinns production, and as such, carry out no accurately recurrent thins Walnuns Street Theatre production.

COVi would 19 SECURE

girlfriend might be forced come have hADVERTISEMENT a COVid vaccine in bespeak to attend this performance or show evidence the an adverse test. Please call the venue directly because that even more indevelopment top top this.


Story adjusted indigenous ns 1939 MGM movin other words by john KaneMusic & lyrics through Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg


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SpreAD ns word

Sound great come you? Shto be this pEra top top society media and lens your friends recognize about the wizard that Oz in ~ Walnuns Street Theatre.

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