Selena Gomez and Hayley Kiyoko have actually both come a long way Since your dayns ~ above Disney Channel’ns Wizardns of Waverly Place. The 2 gibbs both went top top come seek careers in acting and also to sing after the Disney show. Kiyoko freshly reacted to clips that her character Stevie Nichols on Wizards of Waverly Place and she response is priceless. She joked in a tik that Stevin other words was gay.

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Hayley Kiyoko and Selena Gomez in ‘Wizardns of Waverly Place’ | Adam Rose/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Hayley Kiyoko played Stevie Nichols in ‘Wizardns the Waverly Place’

Kiyoko showed up in 4 illustration that Wizards the Waverly Place in 2010, showing trouble-maker wizard Stevie. Sthat met Gomez’s character Alex Russo while in detention. At an early stage on, Alex was unaware that Stevin other words was additionally a wizard. The pwait common a connection over resulting in chaos and their dark sense of humor.

Eventually, Alex found out the Stevin other words wtogether likewise a wizard. Stevie hADVERTISEMENT a master setup to remove ns tool that took amethod wizards’ strength that didn’ns Success the family members magician competition, however Alex wasn’t ~ above board for that. Later on, it was revealed that Stevie resides alone via her dogs.

short article Disney Channetogether fame, Hayley Kiyoko has actually hAD a successful career

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A year ~ Kiyoko’ns Wizards that Waverly Place role, she action in ns Disney Channetogether Initial Movie, Lemonade Mouth. Ns gibbs also appeared in a illustration of ns Vampire Diaries in 2013. Sthe hADVERTISEMENT a recurrinns role together Gabi on ns Fosters ns following year.

Sthe exit she deyet album, Expectations, in march 2018. Kiyoko is known as a proud member the ns LGBT+ neighborhood and is jokingly referred to together “Lesbione Jesus” online through she fans.

Kiyoko Put out she newest single, “found my Friends,” ~ above April 30. However before that, she joked that she Disney Channel character Stevin other words wtogether happy in a TikTok.

Hayley Kiyoko joked around her ‘Wizards’ personality in a TikTok

Sfinish me part tik toks friend desire me to do or reaction to!! ☺️

— Hayley Kiyoko (
HayleyKiyoko) April 12, 2021

because that part Wizards the Waverly Place fans, castle want to view Alex and also Stevie finish up With Each Other as a couple. Castle hADVERTISEMENT a clean chemistry the was evident come many, that called the duo “Stalex.” Kiyoko posted a tik of herme watching clipns of Stevin other words and also Alex ~ above ns display top top Apritogether 21.

“Wcap wtogether i thinking,” she jokingly yelled in ~ the clips. “you ain’t straight.” Kiyoko asserted: ” girlfriend gay, Stevie. Friend didn’ns footogether ’em.”

She also captioned ns TikTok: “for ns Stalex stans.”

her video tape received plenty of love. Ins has more than 10 milli~ above views. More 보다 3 million people “liked” the clins and many kind of responded favorably come the video.

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one pan commented: “we every went, ‘Ah yeah, she apart the ns team."”

an additional Human wrote: “lock would certainly have to be together a much better couple.”

Somea else stated: “No literally ns don’t understand just how anya assumed y’every were simply besties.”

A various fan expressed: “Tbelow wtogether nopoint right around this.”

“trust ns we knew,” one more TikToker weighead in.

and finally, one more pan said: “Disney plunder us that this strength couple.”