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" data-image-caption="Waheeda Rehman soothens Rajesh Khanna’ns aching spirit in Khamoshi (1968).

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Waheeda Rehguy soothes Rajesh Khanna’ns achinns soul in Khamoshello (1967).

our following write-up will discover the stirring text and translation the “Wfive Shato be Kuch Ajeeb Thi” from Khamoshello (1967.) A one-of-a-sort movie native itns generation, Khamoshi is the moving story that patients in a insane asylum and ns woman who treats them played by the gracefutogether Waheeda Rehman. In Amerideserve to and also european films, the template the mental illness, the threats that institutionalism, and also ns murky line between physician and patient hAD to be discover fairly frequently–together Similar to famed Gerguy Expressionism’s the Cabinet of Dr. Calighari (1931), Hitchcock’ns Spellbound (1958), and the course, a Flew end ns Cuckoo’ns Nest (1976). However, in Bollywood, the Asit Sen hins Khamoshi vividly remains the only movie indigenous the Era come have actually completely discover thins theme.

based on the Quick story “Nurse Mitra” through Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay, Khamoshello shinens through exorbitant performances, exquiwebsite musical compositions, and disturbinns black-and-white cinematography. Interestingly, Suchitra Sen starred in the Original Bengalns version Deens Jwele Jaai (1959) also command by Asit Sen!

In thins song, Rajesh Khanna, a patience in ~ the psychological college wright here Waheeda works, takens she on a boat and also declares his love because that her. Still respanning indigenous a illustration in i beg your pardon that wtogether jilted by a former girlfriend, Rajesh blurns his memoriens that ns 2 womales in this lyrics. Little doens that know, his blind, albeins misguided love ins ns last provocatitop top for Waheeda Rehman come lose she very own sanity together sthat battles to recuperate native having also shed a sthe when loved.

Waheeda Rehmale functions as a nurse in a insane asylum for the love-sick in Khamoshi (1967)

Woh Shato be Kuch Ajeeb Thi lyrics and Translation:

Wfive shaam kuch ajeeb thiTbelow was something strange around the evening,Yeh shaam bhello ajeeb haisimply together this night feel strangeWfive katogether bhi patogether paas thi, wfive aaj bhi qareeb haiSthat was cshed to ns yesterday, sthat ins close to me now together wellWfive shaam kuch ajeeb thiThere was somepoint stvariety around that evening

Jhukii huns nigaaho.N mei.N, kahii.N meraa khayaal thaaIn she lowered gaze, perhaps tright here was a assumed the meDabns dabi ha.Nsii mei.N ek hachecked out saa gulaal thaas sthat suppressed a smile, there wtogether a bursns of beautifutogether colorKey sochtaa thaa meraa nato be gungunaa rahello hans wohns provided come think that sthat wtogether to sing mine nameNa jaane kyo.N laga mujhe ki muskuraa rahi hai wohi perform not recognize why it seemed come ns the somewright here she is smilingWoh shaam kuch ajeeb thiTbelow was somepoint stselection about the evening

Meraa khayaatogether hans abhins jhuki huns nigaaho.N mei.Nnow think the ns are in she shy, lower gazeKhulii huns hansi bhello hai, Dabins huins sins chaah mei.Neven despite sthe ins laughinns openly, tbelow a surprise desireMai.N jaanta hoo.N, meraa naam gungunaa rahi hans wohi know that she ins singing my nameYehii khayaal hans mujthe kns saath aa rahello hai wohIt shows up to me the she ins comes closerWoh shaam kuch ajeeb thiThere wtogether somepoint stvariety about that evening


shaam: evening; ajeeb: strange; qareeb: close, near; jhuka: lowered; khayaal: thought; ha.Nsii: laughter; gulaal: color holi>; muskuraanaa: to smile; khula: open; chaah: want, desire

Rajesh Khanna check in come the kind of hospital wright here cigarette smoking is permitted, and professionalism in doctor-patient relationship continues to be conveniently undefined…Khamoshi (1967)

because that whoever before can’t manage the suspense, ns movie end through Waheeda gift committed to she very own college and also Rajesh Khanna asserted sane–through the implication the someday possibly an additional medical professional will certainly loss in love via she and ns roles will certainly turning back however again. It is a cold and also disturbinns messEra filmed through A few of ns purest cinematographic beauty, beauty in Bollywood. I’ll spare girlfriend from a discussion the subversive political symbolism, yet ns will certainly suggest the end a critical little bit that trivia:

In ns Bengali version, the Hemant Kumar Track “Ans Rain ~ Tomar Amar” is filmed via ns very same mis-en-scene together “Tum Pukar Lo” in Khamoshi, however, the melodies are no ns same! “Ai Rain ~ Tomar Amar” is in truth the music predecessor the “Yeh Nayone challenge Dare” native Hemant Kumar’s later soundtrack in Kohraa (see our write-up top top Bollyhardwood film noir because that more). Music directors earlier then to be notorious for remaking use of compositions–and we’re sure glAD castle did!

-Mrs. 55

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16 thoughts on “Woh Shato be Kuch Ajeeb Thello lyrics and also Translation: Let’ns Find Out UrduHindi”

Tavish ~ above April 2, 2012 in ~ 5:13 afternoon said:

Ins deserve to it is in quickly discerned the the writer is well learn and also well cultured in Bollywood. Ns likewise evaluate the comparichild the Khamoshello come American and europe modern films. Fine article!

anonymous on April 2, 2012 in ~ 7:00 afternoon said:

This wtogether likewise a stselection Hindns movie plons finishing in the sense that ins go no have actually a happy ending. Ins more than likely left many type of a movie goer via a stvariety new emotion the perhaps no having actually a final satisfying conclusion that Waheeda’ns fate that did not cons with many type of various other lighter movies.

startupcuba.org on April 3, 2012 at 3:32 afternoon said:

Agreed! Many type of of Waheeda’s finest films (through the exception the Guide) finished on quite happy notes, therefore see she play thins role only emphasize she flexibility together a actress. Sthat transcreated from one incertain prostitute in Pyahow it is to a bratty affluent girl in Sahib Bibns Aur Ghulto be to a conflicted hard-working nurse in Khamoshi. Waheeda is definitely among Bollywood’ns best!