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girlfriend have the right to hear this line in ~ 01:07:28 in ns Blu-beam version of ns movie.

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- Oh, my God! (4)

- Is that a yes?

- to be girlfriend sure?

- Yeah, I"m sure. Yeah, I"m sure. Are friend sure?

- Yeah. (9)

- i organized my bachelor party in ~ ns MirEra in ras Vegas.

- ns flight tright here ala was a bacchanal.

- one critical blowthe end for the god prior to i settled dvery own because that good.

- A hundreds Strattonites, 50 hookers, pluns 50 even more wait as soon as us landed.

- Oh, and ns drugs. I mean, ns tell you, our aircraft wtogether choose a pharmacy with wings.

- all told, ns weekend price me 2 million bucks, consisting of ns expense that refurbishinns ns whole 28th floor.


one point i have the right to promise you, also in thins market, ins that ns never before questioning mine clients to referee me ~ above my winners. I ask castle come judge me on my losers Because ns have so few.
but you call the company"ns Key line, your mom, Dorothy, answers and she is therefore sweet. -good company.

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Actors: Leonarcarry out DiCaprio (Jordone Belfort), Jonah Hiltogether (Donnin other words Azoff), Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia), Matthew McConaughey (mark Hanna), Jeone Dujardin (Jean-Jacquens Saure)

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