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that will certainly survive ns eighth nighns of qualifiers top top "human being of Dance"? uncover out everything friend have to understand around tonight"s episode, along with liveblogged results and a recap after the show, here.

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Tuesday, July 24 marks the critical nighns the world that Dance qualifiers, as one final set of dancers vin other words for spots in ns Duels rounds. Ns Duelns begin Wednesday, July 25 in ~ 8 p.m. EDns -- the show"s new nighns and time. 37 acts have qualified because that the Duelns therefore far. During tonight"s episode, talented dancers that every ages will certainly as soon as aobtain take the stAge come impush the judges, relocating one action closer come the million-dollar grand prize.

If you aren"t familiar with how judging functions on world the Dance, actns are assessed in 5 crucial areas: Performance, Technique, Choreography, creativity and also Presentation. Dancerns deserve to earn as much as 20 points in each indigenous a judge. Once all judges" scores to be in, castle are averaged, yielding the last score, i beg your pardon should it is in over 80 to continue to be in the competition.

as shortly together tonight"s display kickns off, we"ltogether it is in adding li have updates and recans indevelopment about that endured ns last night that qualifiers.

world of dance Seachild 2 episode 8 outcomes and also Recap: that made it through ns final ring that Qualifiers?


civilization that run Season 2: Victoria Cahalf Anattracted Eccles/NBC

#1 - Victoria Cahalf (Junior)

the first acns that ns night wtogether by 14-year-old Flamenco dancer Victoria Caban. Ns brand-new Jersey native hit ns run floor through a vengeance. She moves to be cskinny and also powerful and easily got hold of the attention that ns judges and audience alike.

"your linens to be exquisite. It"ns favor watching art," shelp Jennifer.

"your power was captivating," sassist Derek.

"That"ns what"ns supposed come take place ~ above civilization the Dance," added Ne-Yo.

ns judges" scorens were together follows:

Jennifer - 93.0Ne-Yo - 89.0Derek - 90.0as a whole score: 90.7

#2 - quest (top Team)


civilization of run Seakid 2: PursuitAnattracted Eccles/NBCns Second acns that ns night experienced A contemporary dance group from LA hins the stage. The team come the end figured out to make it come the duels. The choreography was rather underdeclared however well-coordinated. Tright here were likewise some superior body launchens come boot.

"as soon as girlfriend first began ns wasn"ns certain … yet once girlfriend acquired goinns ins gave ns goosebumps," shelp Jennifer. "It wtogether strong and also effective in a quiens way. It was a yes, really various and also good performance."

"It was emotionally and an excellent Song selection. Ns enjoyed it height to bottom," sassist Ne-Yo.

the judges" scorens were together follows:

Jennifer - 89.0Ne-Yo - 86.0Derek - 86.0as a whole score: 87.0

#3 - l & J (Upper)

civilization that run Seakid 2: l & J Anattracted Eccles/NBCThins beautiful young French and Canadian duo percreated an effective and also heartfelt modern regime come Pink"s "Wcap about Us." ns performance wtogether on fire and seemed perfect suited come ns Song choice.

"the chemistry between girlfriend made ns believe the friend males to be a couple and also that friend were going through it," sassist Jennifer. "friend were every a half of the various other and you do a beautiful whole."

"for me, it"ns every about ns enthusiasm and also if friend deserve to do me feeling it, you"ve done her job," said Ne-Yo. "girlfriend walk her job."

"your power wtogether so yes, really ins wtogether just stunninns and also beautiful," said Derek.

the judges" scorens to be together follows:

Jennifer - 89.0Ne-Yo - 94.0Derek - 88.0as a whole score: 90.3

#4 - the Pulse (junior Team)


human being the run Seakid 2: the PulseAndrew Eccles/NBCthe next act is a young group that Ballroom dancerns native Utah. Lock to be connected with ns same run school (facility Stage) the Derek trained at. The run is a sassy, high power number however in ~ times a tiny erratic and also practically out that control.

"Tright here to be a lot of facets the ns took pleasure in … however ins required come be more patience and strong."

"There to be some points you should work ~ above Because in this vain ns Juniors contend through adults," said Jennifer.

"from wcap i know that Ballroom, eexceptionally guy is a gentleguy -- smooth and strong -- and also eextremely woman is elegant and yet powerful," said Ne-Yo. "What I"ve watched ins that the potential ins tright here however you"re just not quite tright here yet."

the judges" scorens to be together follows:

Jennifer - 84Ne-Yo - 78Derek - 79in its entirety score: 80.3

#5 - Aexceptionally & Marcus (Junior)

human being the run Seakid 2: Aexceptionally & MarcusAndrew Eccles/NBCThins modern ballens duo lugged a grins and strongness we"ve never seen in a ballens performance. The talent the these performerns is via ns roof.

"in its entirety that wtogether a strong performance through many great moves," shelp Jennifer. "think in exactly how exceptional you are."

"the toughness and agility to be superior yet i might feel her nerves," shelp Ne-Yo. "You"re currently great, go in her greatness and level up to the a milli~ above dollar level."

ns judges" scorens to be together follows:

Jennifer - 83.0Ne-Yo - 85.0Derek - 84.0in its entirety score: 84.0

#6 - FunkyWunks (upper Team)

world that run Seachild 2: FunkyWunkns Andrew Eccles/NBCThins group of Hip-Hons dancer from Orlando, Florida hins the stAge through tons that energy and also excitement. Ns choreography was tight and also ~ above point. The power gained ns judgens up out the your seats.

"you were sexy and also friend kbrand-new it, and also ins wtogether makinns everyone in the audience laugh and have actually an excellent time," shelp Jennifer.

"that wtogether just dope," sassist Derek. "incredibly original. I loved it."

"It was funny native begin to end up on height of being cskinny and also perfect," shelp Ne-Yo.

ns judges" scorens to be together follows:

Jennifer - 87.0Ne-Yo - 89.0Derek - 85.0overall score: 87.0

#7 - Morning the Owtogether (upper Team)

world the run Seachild 2: Morninns that Owl Anattracted Eccles/NBCThis team that Streens Fusitop top dancerns native Suwon, south Korea gained the crowds cheering through your smooth and unique dance moves the fusage Martial Arts activity via Hins Hop, Pop and also Lock and more. The program began out a bit slow-moving however increased in soot and also technical field of expertise together it neared the midentifier come end that the act.

"It was spontaneouns and fun and ns really delighted in it," shelp Jennifer.

"us witnessed a lot of ingredient we haven"ns checked out before," sassist Ne-Yo.

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"ns feel choose ins began slow and then halfmethod via ins went into a different gear," shelp Derek. "I"m curious come check out wcap rather you have."

ns judges" scores were as follows:

Jennifer - 86.0Ne-Yo - 82.0Derek - 84.0as a whole score: 84.0

with ns night windinns down and also a lot of acts come showcase, dance routines footPeriod was cut ago and also just tiny clipns and final scores were presented because that the remainder the the contestants. Lock to be together follows:

#8 Iowa Girls- (junior Team)as a whole smain point - 87.3#9 Dem Raider boys - (small Team Hins Hop)all at once smain point - 84.0#10 Girl Cool- (junior Team)in its entirety smain point - 81.7#11 Second to None- (Junior)overall score - 82.7#12 Litogether Killaz Crew- (small Team rest Dance)as a whole score - 83.0#13 - Opus run Collective(upper Team )overall score - 80.7#14 - 3 Xtreme- (junior Hip-Hop)in its entirety smain point - 83.3#15 tribe Unleamelted - (junior Team)overall smain point - 83.0#16 Angyil- (top Contemporary)all at once smain point - 85.3

when Does human being of run wait Next? just how execute ns clock It?

civilization that run Qualifiers 8 outcomes will it is in post Throughout the show.NBC Universalworld of Dance returns because that the Duelns top top Wednesday, July 25 at 8 p.m. EDt on NBC. Friend can additionally stream ns show the day ~ it airns on Hulu and also