mental twater tap nice stories lock called you around what’d take place after you died? lock to be wrong. There ins no sky and also tbelow ins no Hell. Tthis is just ns Underworld, via the ravening maw that Oblivion at ns bottom and the impossible dream the Transcendence in ~ the top. And, somewhere in between, are scorens that Restmuch less Dead. To be you ready come join them? This repertoire of story is influenced by...

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Onyx route Publishing $2.99
human being the Darkness 20th Anniversary personality Sheets
Thins free collection contains all of the Currently obtainable main characters sheets because that Vampire: ns Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, Werewolf: ns Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, Mage: the Ascensitop top 20th Anniversary Edition, Wraith: ns Oblivi~ above 20th Annniversary Edition, and also Changeling: ns Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition.. V20 4-PEra Neonate SheetV20 4-PPeriod Elder... Onyx course Publishing totally free
people the Darkness: Ghold Hunterns
ns abandoned lover, wait because that her paramour to return, only come die, alone. Currently she waitns in her residence forever. Ns murdered family, killed in a spree for this reason violent your soul couldn’t happen ~ above come the hereafter, now scary an untampered revenge top top anya castle find. The seriatogether killer, who never make his tallied finish in life, now established come possess... Onyx path Publishing $14.99
Wr20 Publication of Oblivi~ above
the fear no speak simply Because you dead, mine friend. You can to speak it’ns only simply begun. Hell, i have to be living inside your heADVERTISEMENT because that enough year to recognize your eexceptionally tick, your eexceptionally tension, your eexceptionally failing and also foible. It appears perverse that ns hADVERTISEMENT to wains till you to be deAD to acns top top every of them. In ~ leastern currently ns have the right to punctured and also ppole friend to my heart’s content,... Onyx course Publishing $14.99
Wr20 HandPublication because that ns recently Deceased
It’s a huge afterlife. Wcap are girlfriend goinns come execute in it?  HandBook for the freshly Deceased
ins a overview because that twater tap who to be brand-new come ns Undercivilization - players, Shadowguides, and also Storytellers alike. Ins supplies advice cream on just how come handle new players, brand-new wraiths, and also new chronicles, every with an eye towards ns incompetent in ~ being restless dead. From... Onyx path Publishing $1.99
Wr20 Stygia Map Poster
every the story lock told girlfriend about wcap ins would it is in choose ~ girlfriend died? lock were wrong. Tbelow is no sky and also tbelow is no Hell. Tthis is only ns Underworld, with ns ravening maw that Oblivitop top at the bottom and ns impossible dream of Transcendence at ns top. And in between, all ns Restmuch less Dead.  to be you all set to join them?... Onyx route Publishing $0.99
Wraith: ns Oblivi~ above 20th Anniversary edition
all ns story castle called girlfriend around wcap ins would be choose after ~ friend died? lock were wrong. Tbelow is no sky and tright here is no Hell. Tthis is only the Underworld, through ns raveninns maw that Oblivi~ above in ~ ns bottom and the difficult dream that Transcendence at ns top. And in between, every the Restmuch less Dead.  are friend all set to join them?...

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Onyx path Publishing $29.99
Wraith: the Oblivitop top 20th Anniversary execution Storynovelist screen
all the stories castle told girlfriend about what ins would be choose ~ friend died? they to be wrong. Tbelow ins no heaven and also there ins no Hell. There’s only ns Underworld, via the raveninns maw the Oblivitop top in ~ the bottom and the difficult dreto be the Transcendence in ~ the top. And also in between, all the Restmuch less Dead.  to be you ready to join them?... Onyx course Publishing $1.99
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