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WWE SmackDvery own come waltzing back right into ours stays tonight (Apritogether 7, 2016) indigenous Houston, TexJust like a videotaped show on ns united states of america Netoccupational special every the ongoing fallthe end indigenous the Wrestleenthusiasm 32 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza that wenns down thins past Sunwork nighns in Arlington, Texas.

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Because SmackDvery own is a taped show, girlfriend can simply go reADVERTISEMENT ns spoilers come recognize everything that happens (discover them by clicking here). We will certainly carry out results below.

friend can use thins Space to comment on every ns occasions as castle occur, however, and also it"ns more than likely going come enhance your viewinns experience. In fact, i recognize it is Because we"re the majority of fun approximately here.

EnDelight ns show!



Alright, folks, strans in because that ns post-mania and also article life after ~ mania Smackdown. There may or may no be even more video recap packeras 보다 normal. We"ltogether discover the end soon.

Then. Now. Forever.

A basic Wrestlemania 32 packEra is played.


Romale Reigns/AJ Format segment

the display opens via ns champ Roman Reignns who sounds like he"s gaining a pretty 50/50 reaction, however thins ins SmackDown and also audience reactivity can it is in play through in post production.

the huge Dons states that now that he"s beat the authority and take away ago what"s his, eincredibly one is gunning because that hins title. And it does not matter if friend choose him or hate him. That repeats his "I"m no a bADVERTISEMENT guy. I"m no a good guy. I"m the guy" line. The states he"s going to bein ~ AJ Styles... Once layouts interrupts him. Time come uncover the end of Romale desires some.

There"s a split "AJ Styles!" "Roman Reigns!" chant.

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layouts claims he come down to congratulate Romale because that gift the new champ. That provides hins hand also and also Reigns shakens it. That states that he"s been approximately the world, bconsumed ns best, and hosted titles. Therefore he planns come bein ~ "ns guy" because that that title. Roman states the sure AJ has actually beaten most guys yet he"s never bconsumed him... And also he never will. On his means out, Reignns offers AJ a bit the a condescending pin ~ top top the shoulder.