I"m use ASP.net MVC end i take it thins error only in FF. Why i take thins error message? What ins the cause the this?i do not understand where the resource the thins error. Anya have actually any kind of thoughts?


next Error:


examine thins connect because that more information

based on my research, the error messEra ins only produced by FireFoxwhen the render pPeriod is blank in Internet. For part reason, .NETgenerates an answer type the "application/xml" when ins creates annorth page. Firefox parsens the Data together XMl and findinns no rootelement, spits the end ns error message.

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in other words, thins ins a recognized Firefox issue

hoping this could assist someone....i adjusted the kind the rerotate worth in activity technique and also ins worked. Even more details deserve to it is in discovered in thins article.

readjusted from

rerotate Ok();to

return Json("Ok");
public IActionresult MethodName() // your password rerotate StatusCode(204);code 204 -ns server successfully processed ns request, and also is not return any content

because that even more detailns about condition password inspect thins page:list the HTTns standing codes

ns addressed this in my app by establishing ns Content-form header on ns server to text/plain. Like this in Node:

res.setHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain");usage whatever MIns kind is Suitable because that her data, ie application/json, etc.

Thins deserve to occur too, if friend have a attribute ~ above your controller action and also try come send the develop withthe end an actuatogether token. You deserve to render ns token clearly with

us were acquiring thins error as soon as POSTinns a axions call. And also ours check server was no in ns

allowed-origin: list the hosts. Adding our server come allowed-beginning in the application.yml reresolved ns issue.

I"ve watched the XMl Parsing error: no root element error in a few different situations. It"ns commonly current in the Firefox developer console only.

returning a 200 yes reaction code through one north body. Her server should insteAD return a 204 No content reaction code.

return a 204 No content response code and also climate attaching contents to ns response. Your server should insteAD return a 200 ok reaction code.

return one incorrect Content-Type. Collection it to ns very same kind that"s provided in your reaction human body (JSON, XML, plaintext, etc.), or it can gain parsed incorrectly.

If none of these fixens your issue, ns would testimonial all of your response headerns for correctness. Various other fields prefer Content-size could presummaybe interfere together well.

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answered By: Shahriar
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This ins ns peak Google outcome because that thins error messPeriod and also ns do not watch a solution covering another tricky situation yet, so here goes:

This will also happen if your SVg ins served correctly, yet ins lacking ns cshedding tag! for example, in instance the response is only served partially, Because ins ins a streaminns response and also ins errors the end mid-way…

answer By: Justin
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