various other name: 恋です!~ヤンキー君と白杖ガール~ It"s Love: Yankee-kun and White Cane Girtogether I"m in Love!: Yankee-kun and also the White Cane Girl


Akaza Yukiko attends a high college because that blind. Sthe has actually amblyopia, i m sorry reasons her come acknowledge colors just vaguely and also she deserve to identify huge letter with a magnifying glass. Once she walks outdoors, she constantly carriens a white cane. Nevertheless, sthat has a bappropriate personality. A day, Yukiko happen come satisfy delinquenns young Kurokawa Morio. In ~ first, Yukiko doesn’t prefer him, yet she someexactly how gains one knowledge that him. Castle come to be attractive to each other.

adapted native the manga "Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl" (ヤンキー君と白杖ガール) by Uoyama (うおやま).

Initial Network: NTV;

Director: Kariymaybe Shunsuke <狩山俊輔>

Country: Japanese

Status: recurring

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Manga; Romance; part of Life;

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Kishitanns Goro (1964)


Tozuka Junki (1992)

Sugino Yosuke (1995)


Suzuki Nobuyuki (1992)

Tanait is in Momoko (1999)

Sugisaki Hana (1997)

Nao Honda (1995)

Hosoda Kanata (2001)


Horns Natsukns (Fantasticns indigenous Exile Tribe) (1997)


first Summer Uika (1990)

Nukumns Meru (2002)

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