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girlfriend deserve to hear this line at 01:32:32 in the Blu-ray version of ns movie.

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- Now, ns hadn"ns heard from Jenny in a long while, however ns believed around she a lot, and ns hope that whatever before she wtogether doing made her happy.

- i believed around Jenny all ns time.

- Hey! (2)

- Lieutenanns Dan, wcap are girlfriend doing here?

- Well, believed I"d attempt out mine sea legs.

- but friend ain"t gained no legs, Lieutenant Dan.

- Yes, i understand that.

- you created ns a letter, you idiot.

- Well, well. Captain Forrest Gump. Ns hAD come see thins for myself.

- and i called girlfriend if girlfriend were ever before a shrimp boat captain that I"d be your initially mate. Well, here ns am. Ns to be a male the mine word.

- Okay.

- Yeah, yet do not girlfriend be reasoning the I"m going come be callinns friend sir.

- No, sir.

(SHRIMPINns boat access time wood BRIDGE)


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part year later, that nice young guy native England also was ~ above his means home to view hins bit boy and was signing part autographs, and for no certain factor at all, someone swarm him.
That"ns all i need to say around that.
Now, girlfriend wouldn"ns believe it if ns said you, but i can operation choose the wind blows.
In the land the China, world fixed obtained nopoint in ~ all. -No possessions?
Forremainder Gumns (1994) Sound Clip

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Actors: Tom Hankns (Forrest Gump), Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Done Taylor), Robin Wideal (Jenny Curran)

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