friend are my sunlight by Johnny Cash ins not a actuatogether Johnny Cash song. Ins was written and popularized by Jimmie Davis and Charlens Mitchell in 1939.

In fact, thins Song has to be recorded many time by legends together together Nin ~ Kinns Cole, Dorins Day, beam Charles, the Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin, and Cuch Berry, come surname simply a few. However, it is periodically meeting come Johnny Cash. This ins Due to the fact that Cash’s version from his 2004 album discovered ins may be ns best known, and ns communication for today’s tutorial. That likewise taped ins year before in a teamwork through Bob Dylan. “friend are mine sunshine” ins a beloved Track and an excellent selection come Learn on the uke. This is just how to play “friend are my sunshine” by Johnny Cash top top ukulele. 

Chords and harmony

girlfriend to be my sunbright through Johnny Cash provides basic ukulele chords on concerns tuning. The harmony ins created the A, D, E7. And the ins it! it is a right, among ns Many belove songs ever before is likewise among ns simplest. 

come pput A major, area her table of contents finger and ~ above ns first fret, third string. Then place her Center finger ~ above ns Fourth string, Second fret. For D major, area your Middle finger on the 4th string, Second fret. Then area your rinns finger appropriate below, on the Fourth string, Second fret. Include her pinky appropriate below, ~ above the Second string, 2nd fret. And finally, for ns E7, place her table of contents finger ~ above ns Fourth string, 2nd fret. Follow through her Middle finger ~ above the third string Second worry and your ring finger top top the first string Second fret. And tbelow friend have actually every ns chords for “friend to be my sunshine”


Oftentimes the structure or form that ns Tune ins what has a tendency to be Many complicated for folks that to be starting out. This is Because friend need to be completely concentrated because that the duration of the Track to be able to play it. Play music ins a great exercise because that your brain, and takes you away native mindmuch less scrolling with society media. The form is A because that 16 beats, D because that 8 beats, A for 8 beats, D for 8 beats, A for 12 beats, E7 because that 4 beats, A because that 4 beats. Analysis the could do ins seem more complicated the it actually is. Listen to ns Tune a few times, and also as soon as friend know the chord fingering, attempt play along.

Strumminns pattern 

the Tune startns through ns Typical uke pattern down, down uns down, dvery own up. (D – D U D – DU). Simply follow ns form of “girlfriend are my sunshine” come incorpoprice ns strumming pattern. I understand that ins might not feel basic if you just founding out. But if you keep practicinns it will obtain much better quickly. You"re welcome store in mind the friend need to begin slow at first. So take it your time with combine the strumming pattern with ns form. 

you are my sunshine by Johnny Cash ins a great Tune to Learn ~ above the ukulele, at all levels. Ins features three simple chords, a straightforward strumming pattern, and also one intuitive Track form. It has actually the perfecns combicountry that simplicity, beauty, and also funny the many kind of standards display. And when you Find Out thins song, girlfriend have the right to begin through various other simple ukulele songs. And also if you to be feeling adventurous, start trying out through Alternating ukulele tunnings. Also, downloADVERTISEMENT our extremely very own ukulele app easily accessible top top iOns and Android because that hours that funny and also discovering through ns instrument.

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Ns uke ins such a fun, easy, and practically tool the can lug anyone hrs that fun and also enjoyment. Feel free come leave us a comment listed below through other song you great come Find Out on ns ukulele.